Arctic Cold No Sweat for Jones

Jairus Jones says the bone-chilling cold is just mind over matter. The Tampa safety is in East Lansing this weekend on an official visit, evaluating the Michigan State coaches and football program while he does his best to ignore the teeth chattering chill. GSN caught up with the Sunshine State student-athlete to get an update on his favorites and what he expects to see and do this weekend.

Well, it's not like Florida is exactly sweltering.

When Jairus Jones left Tampa to travel to East Lansing this morning, the temperature was in the 40's. On his official visit to Michigan State, Jones can expect to be hit by an arctic chill bottoming out below zero.

But the frigid air doesn't phase the safety prospect who used to live in the Mitten State when his dad played for the Detroit Lions.

"No, not really. The cold isn't so bad," he says, "I'd just have to get used to playing in it."

Coach Mark Dantonio and the MSU staff have recruited Jones for months and now that Signing Day creeps ever closer, decisions will need to be made. Grab a secondary prospect to help a depleted Spartan unit? Spend schollies in the trenches? We'll know for sure soon. Until then, recruits like Jones have one last opportunity to check out potential colleges.

"I think I'll go to the basketball game, but I'm not sure," Jones says about his MSU trip. "Whatever they have planned for me I'll do."

Spartan coaches have visited Jones in Florida, but this is his first trip to MSU. He's ready, both to see what Michigan State can offer and to finish recruiting, which he says can become a tad monotonous after a few months. Relationships will be the key regardless of where he ends up.

"One of the things for me is how the coaches are around me," he says. "You know, everyone's going to be nice, but I want to see how they act toward me, see if they come at me strong with their delivery, that will play a factor."

After North Carolina State recently pulled his scholarship offer, Jones had to rethink his list favorites. He visited Elon, is here at Michigan State now, and plans to travel to Iowa and Oklahoma State as well.

Syracuse, a late player for Jones' gridiron services, might warrant a trip, Jones says, but it's not set in stone.

"The schools that I'm going to visit … are my top schools," he says, adding that a decision will likely come on Signing Day.

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