Scouting 2011: Arnett Stands Out at Score 6

At the Score 6 QB/WR camp at Michigan State last weekend, some bright young talent from around the Midwest gathered for drills, training and instruction. One of the most impressive student-athletes was DeAnthony Arnett, a 2011 wide receiver prospect ahead of the learning curve.

EAST LANSING -- The first thing you notice about DeAnthony Arnett is where his elbows rest compared to the young men around him.

You think, wow, he looks like he has some long arms, and then you see his elbows nearly touching his hips, whereas other youngsters' mid-arms travel only to the bottom of their rib cage.

Then, after you see him run routes and turn on a dime, you think this here is a play maker waiting to explode.

Arnett, a 6-foot-0, three-sport athlete from Saginaw, has the long, lean form coaches look for in a wide receiver. He's also got skills.

At the Score 6 Academy on Sunday, Arnett arrived a little late but made an impression. While there was no contact at this event, so a scouting report is inherently incomplete, what we did see from the young man in shorts was pretty impressive.

Arnett runs with a smooth, efficient gait and flew down the field as quickly as anyone, catching up to long lobbed passes that, at first, seemed uncatchable.

He also showed the best footwork of any receiver in the camp, making sharp cuts on every run and keeping his feet in bounds on sideline passes, walking a tightrope on a few occasions to show strong balance and body awareness as well.

The sophomore, who could stand to put on a few pounds of bulk onto his frame, hears from Michigan State, Michigan, and plenty of other Midwest schools and, pending a junior season that builds off the success of his sophomore campaign, could be getting lots of interest from outside the region as well.

In short, Arnett, who has trained with the likes of Charles Rogers and Lamar Woodley, is one to watch as MSU continues to focus on dominating in-state recruiting. He's a game changer just waiting to get his shot.

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