Decision Time-Tony Jones Talks Five Finalists

When it comes to a "thinking man's player", Grand Blanc's Tony Jones is just that. He isn't your run of the mill prep recruit. He's bright, thoughtful and knows what he wants. When he makes his college choice on Friday, five college programs will be holding their breath, but only one will go away happy. Get Inside to find out his thinking

GRAND BLANC - With a self-imposed deadline looming, Grand Blanc wide receiver Tony Jones has gone through the recruiting process and has settled on his school. Jones will reveal his choice in a press conference at Grand Blanc on Friday and many are speculating on his decision.

Instead of speculating, GSN's Sean Scherer sat down with Jones to find out where his head is at and if he feels comfortable where he is right now.

Below is Scherer's interview with Jones.

SCHERER: Where do you rank yourself and who are some receivers you admire?

TONY JONES: "I met Kyle Prater at the Nike camp, he definitely a very good player. I've worked out with Braylon Jones, Jarrod West (a Stanford commit) when I was out at Stanford. In state, I've seen Tony Lippett play, Kevonte Martin-Manley and they're all just very great players. No matter where I go, I know they'll be competition wherever they are. It feels good to be surrounded by talented players like that."

SCHERER: Do you feel the level of competition that you've worked against this offseason is going to make you better?

TONY JONES: Definitely. It definitely brings out the best in you, because you're out there competiting trying to show why you're better than other players and why you're just as good as the other ones.

SCHERER: What are you working on to get ready for senior season?

TONY JONES: I would say I need to work on my strength, because that will help me with press coverage and just working on perfecting my route running and off the field, just to continue being a leader for the younger players. I know they look up to me and I just want to keep it very positive.

SCHERER: Why is this the right time to make the decision on your college choice?

TONY JONES: I've been to every school I'm considering. I've had first hand experience with the coaches. I feel very good, I'm going to make the right decision and with the season coming very soon I just think it would be great to end the process . I just don't really want the distraction and I won't to focus 100% on my senior season and focusing on my academics very well.

SCHERER: Can you list your finalist and what qualities to each school bring to the table

TONY JONES: Stanford: Stanford Coach Harbaugh is a great guy. They're a very up-and-coming, rising program. Last time I checked, their 2010 recruiting class was ranked 11th in the country. He's doing a very good job bringing in great players. And the Stanford education means a lot to me.

Michigan State. An instate school I'm very familiar with it. I know a lot of players that go there, even players. I have a great relationship with their coaches as well.

Northwestern: A great education as well. They were the first school to offer me. So I probably been interacting with them more than any of the schools. They run a spread offense which is what we run here in high school. Then they throw the ball a lot.

Missouri: That's the school that Jeremy Macklin came from. I watched him a lot last year. They're really know for their offense, throwing the ball a lot and putting up points. They have very nice facilities and I like their coaches as well.

Illinois: I have a pretty good relationship with my recruiting coach Reggie Mitchell. The run the spread offense as well. The thing about Northwestern and Illinois they're both near Chicago with plenty of oppportunities. More from Jones in tomorrow's edition.

Introductory story and interview transcription by Mike Fowler

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