2011 Intro: Sutton's Bay Star Dwuan Anderson

One of the most intriguing names on the 2011 recruiting circuit is Sutton's Bay star guard Dwaun Anderson. Few have seen him because of his residing in the far reaches north of Traverse City, MI, but when he hit the AAU scene this past summer, he had coaches and observers buzzing, so much so that some have pegged him the top player in the state. Get INside to find more about this rising star.

SUTTONS BAY, MI - Every year, it seems some young player comes out of seemingly nowhere and makes a name for himself on the recruiting circuit. Some turn out to be nothing more than hype, but that is definitely not the case with Sutton's Bay, MI shooting guard Dwaun Anderson.

Anderson averaged 20 points per game, four rebounds and four steals for the Norsemen as a sophomore and has the potential to do much more this season. He currently holds two offers, from Central Michigan and Utah, Oakland University is expected to come with an offer next. Indiana and Wisconsin have made contact as has Michigan.

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo was so intrigued by Anderson that he drove all the way to the Traverse City area to watch him play in person and came way impressed.

"Dwaun has been working hard every day to better himself as a student, player and person," said Sutton's Bay head basketball coach Todd Hursey. "He's an unselfish player who cares about what he can do to help his team win," said Hursey about his star.

One thing that has stood out for Anderson has been his athleticism. He has gained almost a cult following for his high-flying dunking ability and his ball handling skills.

"I think Dwaun would fit in best in a program were the coach is like a father figure to the player and there is a great deal of structure (in the program," said Hursey

What style does the coach think best fits his player?

"I think he will play best on a team that pushes the ball up the court. He hasn't had enough visit to get a feel yet, for where that might be."

While the class of 2011 may seem far away, coaching staffs never stop digging for that diamond in the rough that has star potential.

Even Sutton's Bay isn't too far away to find it.

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