Report: Crawford To MSU Appearing Unlikely

A published report today says that it is unlikely that Jeamiah Crawford will enroll at Michigan State on National Signing Day.

Jeamiah Crawford is not expected to enroll in Michigan State.

Crawford previously told's Midwest Recruiting Director Allen Trieu "If I pass my ACT, I'll be going to Michigan State and committing on the 3rd," Crawford said, " [The offer's] been on the table, I just have to wait. I have to take it again. I took it before and I'm going to take it again to try to get it a little higher."

But according to a article in the Polk County newspaper The Ledger, Crawford is likely to enroll in West Iowa Community College and take the junior college route.

If true, that could have played a factor in the commitment, late last night of Twiggs County wide receiver Darqueeze Dennard, who verballed to Michigan State last night.

Crawford could return to MSU's radar, much in the way the Corey Freeman did. Freeman did a year in prep school before committing to Michigan State a season later.

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