Nichol A Football Player First

With a change in position college football players can at time feel jolted. Not Keith Nichol who only had to look on the field last year to be inspired to give the Spartans another offensive weapon on the field.

One thing everyone can agree upon is that Keith Nichol is a superb all-around athlete with special skills. Getting those skills on the field was a challenge in 2009 as the Spartan quarterback battled Kirk Cousins for playing time.

But by the time the Spartans headed to San Antonio for the Valero Alamo Bowl, Nichol was needed as a wide receiver and the results proved to open a few eyes and a move to the position this spring.

How has the transition gone so far?

"It's been a real smooth transition for me, kind of like I've fallen into it. I'm trying to concentrate on the little things and Coach (Don) Treadwell has been great and feels I'm progressing ahead of schedule."

While college football players know a change of position is something that could happen, a highly rated quarterback and one who has shown the ability to win rarely is involved in a move. But with Kirk Cousins getting the job done Nichol just wanted to be part of the action.

"I was a football player before I was a quarterback and seeing what Blair White did over the past two years and him being a good friend of mine showed me this is a positive move. I can already tell the difference from now since last fall and it's exciting."

Once the move was made Keith set his goals in action.

"I want to be a starting wide receiver and keep my spot there and to continue to progress. I don't want to see any stalling in my growth as a player and want to get better every day. Coach Treadwell keeps telling me I'm progressing and getting better."

While some may question the path Keith has taken on his road to becoming a Spartan, the Lowell, Michigan native knows things happen for a reason and you learn as you grow.

"Hindsight is 20/20 and I can say I've learned a ton from my experiences. Everything I learned at Oklahoma is still used here. DeMarco Murray is my best friend but having my family around and all the small things you take for granted in high school have really opened my eyes."

Thursday saw another day on the practice field and Keith said the day had it positives.

"It went good today, we went into the stadium a little bit and did well. It was another day at the office and we're starting to stay healthy as we get ready for a scrimmage on Saturday. I think I can see improvement in every single guy. D.J. Young is a guy who continues to get better. Keshawn Martin and Kirk Cousins are improving every day. It's just great to be a Michigan State Spartan right now and I'm excited right now."

While Cousins has taken the number one spot on the depth chart Keith knows he could be called upon at any time if needed. If that happens he'll go from being a top football player to top signal caller without questioning the decision.

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