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Just like he'd done in high school, Michigan State senior linebacker Eric Gordon got into the starting lineup early and never looked back. spoke with Gordon after practice to get the latest on his final spring in the Green & White.

Entering his final spring of his college football career, Eric Gordon has seen much of the changes in the Spartan program. As a recruit of John L. Smith, Gordon looked to follow in his grandfather Don Dohoney footsteps and place the Spartans back in the top of the national football scene.

While a National Championship has yet to happen, Gordon has seen the Spartan program get back to winning football with three consecutive bowl appearances since Mark Dantonio took over the program.

Looking back how does Gordon feel about the changes he's seen?

"It's been a wonderful transition since Coach Dantonio took over here. Each year you get older and you understand thing a little better. I feel we've been around these coaches for awhile now and even though they didn't recruit some of us, we feel this big bond between all of us. I've been blessed that they came in here and gave me a chance to start as a redshirt freshman and just continue my career here. It's been great."

One thing Eric has found a liking to is the style of coaching Spartan defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has brought.

"Coach Narduzzi is very intense and sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. But for the most part I'd say it's been a great thing. After the first scrimmage he was up in the box and just after halftime he came down and just gets us all fired up. He sometimes does that during games and it gives us a burst of energy because he's like that 100% of the time."

Dave Berk,
Entering his final spring Eric has learned his college career is coming to a close sooner than later. Has it hit him that this is his final spring?

"Greg (Jones)and I talk about this once a week or I and another senior do. This spring has gone by the fastest that I can remember. In years past it seemed like it would never end but this year has just flew by. I remember the first day we had practice in shirts and helmets and now we've got one practice and the spring game to go. The coaches have always told us it would be here before we knew it and that you can't take anything for granted. Before I know it I'll be having my senior day against Purdue and playing my last games against Penn State and hopefully a bowl game."

With a season ending loss in a bowl game, Gordon and his teammates have looked forward to this spring and getting Spartan football where they want it to be.

"Last year I can't say was a complete disappointment, but it defiantly wasn't what we wanted. I can honestly say our goal is to win the Big Ten and play in the BCS or Rose Bowl. We've worked extremely hard this winter in our conditioning program and now with spring ball. So I feel everything has kind of stepped up a notch and a lot more is expected of us individually and as a team. We've just got to step up and man up and I feel we've been doing this since the end of last season."

Dave Berk,
During the days and months since the Spartans left San Antonio, Gordon and his teammates have each worked towards the 2010 season. What goals did he set for himself?

"Since our last game there have been times I'd watch film and see the things I could do better. A lot of it is when I see an opening to just go downhill and try and make a play. So I've been focusing on just going and making plays this spring. I feel I've gotten better this spring and we've still got another practice and the spring game to go."

Another area Gordon and his senior teammates have worked on is being leaders of this year's team.

"A lot of us like Greg Jones, Marcus Hyde and I, are just trying to take on a big leadership role with our defense. We're trying to communicate with each other so we feel much more comfortable around each other on the field. I feel this spring has gone very well in this sense. We've built great communication and have come together as a defense as a whole."

As for the past couple of weeks, Gordon knows mistakes have been made but progress has also been taking in making the Spartans a team to watch in 2010.

"This spring has been going really well as it's another time to learn from your mistakes and try different things and learn some new things, so I feel it's going well for everyone on the team and progress have been made."

With one more spring practice and the spring game on Saturday, Gordon knows he and his teammates are ready to see another color jersey in front of them.

"I remember my first spring when I came early in 2006, it was exciting because it was major college football and my first practices here. But hitting each other gets old kind of fast as you're hitting your buddies and beating the crap out of each other. We're all one team. So we're ready to play someone else and beat on someone else."

With the first four games of the season all in the state of Michigan, Gordon has not given much thought about the team getting off to a fast start.

"I've not really thought about it that much. I guess it could give us a fast start, but it will be nice not to have to travel too much and it should help up get those early wins. But, we'll also have to be ready to travel too. I guess it will be nice and I think it's the first time this has happen since I've been here at Michigan State."

Eric Gordon has proven his worth since arriving at Michigan State. The Traverse City native has appeared in 38 career games, including 36 starting assignments. If not for Greg Jones people would be talking more about his on field abilities and the stats he's posted the past three seasons.

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