Pieces Of The Puzzle Coming Together

I've seen this before, Mark Dantonio and his staff putting together a team capable of playing at a high level and winning. With pieces of the puzzle coming together, Spartan fans should be excited when camp comes around in August. Why should there be so much excitement? We break it down.

Over the past six seasons I've watched Mark Dantonio and his staff work at two college programs building a strong foundation for winning. While the 2009 season may not have been what many expected, 2010 and beyond is looking stronger than ever.

In the next few days we'll have a breakdown of players that are making a difference and will help Dantonio battle for the Spartans first Big Ten Championship since George Perles guided the team to a share of the Big Ten in 1990.

With a schedule that places the Spartans in Michigan until October 23rd, and Ohio State off the schedule, the Spartans could be a team that surprises the Big Ten in 2010.

But while the depth chart is starting to fill up with quality players, there are still questions to be answered between now and the week one against Western Michigan.

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More Pieces Of The Puzzle Will Be Coming.

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