Q & A Sam Rohr Class of 2011 Tight End

One position you always know Mark Dantonio is going to recruit is tight end. With a good stable of players at the position this season, the Spartans will be looking for the next player to make a name for themselves at the position.

When it comes to tight ends high school players have learned the Big Ten Conference is very kind. One coach who really loves to use the tight end is Mark Dantonio. With a need for the position the Spartans coaching staff has been on the road looking at who could be the next to wear the Green & White.

Sam Rohr of Brookfield (WI) Central High School may be a guy the Spartans offer in the next couple of months. We spoke with the 6-foot-4, 235-pound Rohr about the Spartans.

Spartan Digest: What contact have you had with the Spartans in the past?

"I met with Coach Staten when I was up at Michigan State. I found him to be a very kind individual and he's the type of coach I'd like to have coach me in the future if I went to Michigan State."

Spartan Digest: How many offers to you currently hold?

"I have two right now, Minnesota and Northern Iowa. I'm also looking at several other schools to see if I can get offers from them with one being Michigan State"

Spartan Digest: What do you feel are your chances with the Spartans?

"I plan on going up to camp, in fact they came into my school today and gave me a camp brochures and told me I was invited to their camp. I'm either going there on June 19th or July 12th."

Spartan Digest: What do you know about Michigan State?

"The last few years I've been watching them. I know they have a great tradition and a solid football team and staff. They also have solid academics and they are an overall great school and that is what I'm looking for."

Spartan Digest: What are you looking for in a school?

"There are five main things in my opinion when looking at a school. One is location, I'm a family guy and I want to be close enough for my family to be able to come see my games or be able to watch me on TV if they can't come. Another is a sense of belonging. Am I going to fit in with this team, with this coach? The coaching staff is another major part of this. Do I have a connection with these coaches and are they going to see me somewhere in my future as being a starter or am I just going to be riding the pine. A major part in all of this is the academics. I'm looking for a top notch school that is going to give me the best education possible. The program I want to go into is exercise physiology /kinesiology. We all know Big Ten schools all have great programs so I expect Michigan State to have a great program."

Spartan Digest: What do you feel are your strengths as a player?

"My receiving and blocking ability, I'm a very versatile player when it comes to being a tight end. I'm a very good receiver as I always catch with my hands and never with my body. My dad taught me how to do that so it's been kind of like second nature for me. My blocking is something I've gotten a lot better with in the past couple of years. I can still improve on it but I think I've gotten to a point where I can block pretty darn well. I'm able to turn a guy to allow the running back to go behind me, put that guy down in the dirt and keep on going to the next block."

While we won't know until the summer if Rohr will hold a Spartan offer, it sure seems as if he's looking forward to camping and earning one.

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