Spartan 66 Player Ranking #46

In looking at players on the current roster and players getting ready to enter Michigan State this fall, presents its Spartan 66 Rankings. What is our reason for naming sixty-six Spartans? Michigan State last won a National Championship in 1966. We're now at player #46.

SD Ranking: #46

Henry Conway

Position: Offensive Line

Exp: Redshirt Freshman

Conway was having a solid spring before bowing out to injury. Has the physical size to compete but must continue to work on technique.

Strengths: Frame, athletic ability

Weakness: Passion and desire to be great

Overall: Conway made some very good strides the past year but needs to continue getting tougher and show more passion when in the heat of battle. All the tools are there and it's just a matter of time before Conway puts it all together.

Why He Made The List: Should be pushing for playing time this fall and continue to improve his overall game. There is a chance for him to move up the depth chart and if he comes to camp ready to play, could be a big surprise.

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