Spartan 66 Player Ranking #43

In looking at players on the current roster and players getting ready to enter Michigan State this fall, presents its Spartan 66 Rankings. What is our reason for naming sixty-six Spartans? Michigan State last won a National Championship in 1966. We're now at player #43.

SD Ranking: #43

Denzel Drone

Position: Defensive End

Exp: Redshirt Freshman

Making the adjustment from high school linebacker to college defensive end can take longer for some. For Drone it was more of a matter of having veteran players ahead of him on the depth chart and not wanting to waste a year. The time has come for Drone to step up and make some noise this fall.

Strengths: Size and athletic ability, motor

Weakness: College experience

Overall: With graduation losses Drone is a player the Spartans will be looking to for a solid season. It is now up to him at how high of a level he wants to play at.

Why He Made The List: The physical ability is there and Drone could prove to be ranked too low when we look back.

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