Spartan 66 Player Ranking #39

In looking at players on the current roster and players getting ready to enter Michigan State this fall, presents its Spartan 66 Rankings. What is our reason for naming sixty-six Spartans? Michigan State last won a National Championship in 1966. We're now at player #39.

SD Ranking: #39

Mylan Hicks

Position: Defensive Back

Exp: High School

Another high school player and member of the Class of 2010 that big things are expected of. Does he get on the field this fall? There is a very good chance as Hicks has all the tools and abilities to compete early.

Strengths: Athletic ability, toughness

Weakness: Experience.

Overall: If those ahead of him fail, Hicks could be in a position to push for playing time early. If there is a chance to keep him off the field then it must be done, but any lack of effort or ability of those ahead of him will place the staff in a position to make a choice.

Why He Made The List: The Class of 2010 has already seen three players make early statements about their abilities. Hicks will be in line to also show the coaching staff he's ready and willing to do the work needed to get on the field early.

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