Hart Looks To Add Huge Offer

Friday and Saturday could be the days Conor Hart takes his recruiting to a new level. We check in with Hart to get the latest.

With several offers on the table Conor Hart knows he's still looking for that big one. Michigan State would be an offer Hart would take to heart and give serious consideration to stopping his recruiting.

"I like them a lot (Michigan State), "Heart told Spartan Digest. "They are really high up there on my list and I'm hoping to get an offer on Saturday. It would be a big offer, Coach Tressel told me Michigan State is really interested in me but want to see me workout in person. He said he feels I have a very good chance of getting an offer."

Being recruited as a defensive end, Hart has been in solid contact with the Spartan staff.

"I talk with Coach Tressel and I've spoke a few times with Coach Gill. I've also had the chance to talk with Coach Dantonio. He's a great guy who doesn't talk a lot about football. He talks about the respect he's got for my coaches."

So if the Spartans offer what would Hart do?

"I'd have to sit down with my parents and talk about it. I would be a big offer and one I'd have to really consider. Right now I'm looking at camping at Northwestern and have also looked at visiting schools like Duke and Vanderbilt. But I'd have to see what happens."

As for the recruiting process Hart is enjoying the attention.

"Right now I'm just enjoying it a lot and having fun with it. I'd like to have my recruiting done right before the end of summer."

If the Spartans offer Hart his recruiting could be over much sooner. Spartan Digest will be checking back with Conor Hart to see how he did at the Spartans 7-on-7 and senior camp.

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