Izzo Moves To Legend Status

As news hit the internet and MSU calling for an evening press conference with a quick email, the future of Spartan basketball was set in stone. Tom Izzo was staying a Spartan and turning down major money and the chance to coach in the NBA. But while the news was earth shaking in East Lansing, the long term effects of Izzo's decision moved him from college basketball coach to legend status.

The stars had aligned for Tom Izzo to leave Michigan State University for a job with the Cleveland Cavilers and the NBA. Age, money, success at MSU, and the chance to coach the league's top player, all pointed towards Izzo's departure from Spartan land for the big city life of Cleveland.

But as he'd done before, Tom Izzo knew his bank account would have gotten bigger, but it would not fill the void his heart would have from leaving Michigan State.

While Tom Izzo may be just another basketball coach to many across the country, he's now a living legend in East Lansing and in the hearts of Spartans across the world.

When Izzo stated "I'm pleased to say I'm here for life at Michigan State." Everything became right in the world of green and white.

Just as she's stated in the past about other key members of the Michigan State athletic department, President Lou Anna K. Simon said it best.

"Like others, I wanted the good news earlier, but the wait was worth it. His decision is a winner for all of Team MSU."

And in Tom Izzo fashion he quickly turned the spotlight off of himself and towards the goals of others in the athletic program talking about the future success of the Spartans football program and his good friend Mark Dantonio.

Yes, Tom Izzo is more than the basketball coach at Michigan State. He's become the standard all Spartan coaches will be held to now and in the future. He works not only for the good of his basketball program, but for the other sports that wear the green and white as well as the university.

While Izzo may still see another NBA team come calling, you'd have to believe Cleveland was the best fit that has ever been placed in front of him. He turned it down and will remain a Spartan until the day he makes the choice to walk away.

Now it's time for Izzo to get everything geared towards making the Spartans into another team capable of making another championship run. And if not this season, he's got a lifetime ahead of him to do it with.

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