Petteway Impresses Spartans & Impressed

Ohio defensive standout has a great day in Spartan Land. Why has Michigan State risen to the top of Petteway's offer list? We have the after camp results.

For Shaquille Petteway the chance to camp for a second time at Michigan State was one he couldn't pass up. Coming off an injury to his toe from early track season, Petteway wanted to show the Spartan coaches a new wrinkle to his game. What turned their heads?

"I ran a 4.4 and a 4.5 at camp," Petteway said on Sunday. "I'd gone to their camp last season and now it's just a matter of looking at everything in front of me."

For Petteway the trip north was one he enjoyed.

"It was really good as they made me feel like I was home. Coach Dantonio and the rest of the coaches are great. I would have to give it a grade of "A". Coach Dantonio told me to just take my time and not feel rushed into anything."

While the Spartans have moved up in Petteway's eyes, they do have another team they'll have to fight for the Steubenville (Ohio) native.

"I'm also looking at West Virginia. They are close to home and I have a former teammate there now playing. I've been down there a lot and it's real nice."

While listed as an outside linebacker by, the performance he showed the Spartans on Saturday has them talking about a position chance.

"I feel I did well, but I've got things to work on. Michigan State is now looking at me as a corner or safety after the forty times I posted. That sounds good to me after seeing a couple of the guys they have that are linebackers. I'm not that big."

For now Petteway is looking to continue to work on his game and take his time on making his college decision.

"I want to go on my officials and see everything in the schools I'm interested in."

Spartan Digest will continue to follow Shaquille Petteway as he works towards making his college decision.

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