Monroe Just Continues To Work

With two top talents by his side, Darren Monroe knows he's got plenty of work to do if he hopes to make it to the division one level. Monroe took part in the Sound Mind / Sound Body Camp and spoke with Spartan Digest about his experience.

At 6-foot-3, 370-pounds, Darren Monroe knows he's got work to do if he's going to turn the heads of college coaches. But with good solid feet and strength, Monroe has the skills already but just needs to be in better shape. How was his experience at the SMSB Camp?

"The experience today was real nice. I like to compete and today I had a chance to have a lot of coaches see what I can do."

One coach Monroe got to work with was Michigan State offensive line coach Dan Roushar. How was the experience?

"Coach Roushar is a real nice guy and a great coach. He reminds me of my coach at Simeon High School in the way he's a teacher and I feel I can learn from him and talk to him about anything."

While most of the focus is pointed to two of his teammates, Darren knows there is good to go with it.

"It's been nice having Chris (Bryant) and Jordan (Diamond) by my side and going through these things together. Like today, Jordan wasn't able to get out there and compete, but he was right there on the sidelines helping me and Chris."

Darren knows not everyone will have the chance to play at the Division One level. But with a look at the big picture, he knows there is more to the work he's doing than just the level of football he'll play.

"I'm going to look for schools as a place I can learn on and off the field. It must be a place that feels like home. I want a good coaching staff that has proven their players can earn an education and not just be football players."

While Darren Monroe is working for the interest on the bigger schools, Michigan State would be a program he'd have great interest in attending. As a member of the Class of 2012 he'll have time to continue to work towards achieving his goal.

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