Spartan 66 Player Rankings #29

In looking at players on the current roster and players getting ready to enter Michigan State this fall, presents its Spartan 66 Rankings. What is our reason for naming sixty-six Spartans? Michigan State last won a National Championship in 1966. We're now at player #29.

SD Ranking: #29

Max Bullough

Position: Linebacker

Exp: Freshman

Another true freshman that will place himself into position for playing time, Max Bullough has not disappointed with what he should during the spring. The question now is how much the Spartans will look to Bullough this fall. Spartan Digest feels it will be more than we first expected.

Strengths: Physical abilities, size, football instincts.

Weakness: Game experience

Overall: When Max Bullough made his pledge to Michigan State many knew it was a feel good story. By the time spring practice had ended, Spartan fans got the full impact of what the legacy brought to the table. The kid can flat out play football.

Why He Made The List: This is not a cute story about a son and grandson of former Spartans following in footsteps. Max Bullough is a player who showed in the spring he means business and is ready to step up early and deliver. How much Max does is yet to be seen, but this is a kid who will have a chance to place his name in the Spartan record books.

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