There Is Something About It

On Tuesday, Jake Duzey got the news he'd been waiting for. Spartan Digest gets the latest on Duzey and his newest offer.

When Jake Duzey woke up on Tuesday morning, he had no idea that his offer list was going to grow by one. But the one that offered, Michigan State, was the one he'd been hoping to earn.

Just two weekends ago Jake Duzey went through the paces for the Michigan State coaches during their senior advanced camp. Now, after talking with the Spartans, he's learned he is the holder of an offer from the school he and his family have watched for many years.

"I've grown up watching Michigan State Football. There is really something special about it and this offer. I went to camp looking to earn an offer and found out yesterday that I got it. I've very excited about it as this is the one I've been waiting for."

While Jake is not ready to trim his list, he does know the time is coming when he'll make his decision known.

"Michigan State is one of my top schools. I don't have a top five or anything, but I've looking to make a decision in about a week or two."

While Jake may be looking at his options he knows he's got family members hoping he'll soon be pledging to the Green & White.

"Everyone in my family likes me getting this offer. Michigan State is close to home and the whole family is Spartan fans. "

Jake knows what is expected out of the tight end position at Michigan State. With his offer being as an H-Back/Tight End, he knows he'll get great coaching.

"I had the chance to work with Coach Staten during camp and I like him a lot. I've had the chance to see him coach and know that he can team me a lot. At Michigan State the tight ends are all really good so you know the coaching is good. I know I'll have a chance to be the best I can be at Michigan State."

With eleven offers Jake knows there is still a chance he could look to leave the home state.

"Being close to home is a big deal, but if I feel there is a better place that is farther away, it will be something me and my family will have to deal with."

Having visit MSU on three occasions, Jake has seen enough to know what he'll get from the Spartans. Now the question is if he'll give his pledge to the Green & White.?

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