Canadian Flash Talks Spartans

As he continues hitting summer camps Arjen Colquhoun walks away impressed and impressing college coaches. Spartan Digest talks with Arjen about his Spartan experience.

Another camp and another impressive showing from safety prospect Arjen Colquhoun (Windsor, Ontario) who we've billed as "The Canadian Flash".

At 6-foot-1, 180-pounds, Colquhoun has shown he's got great speed (4.42/4.47 MSU Camp) and overall athletic ability recording a 38-inch vertical jump.

Colquhoun spoke with Spartan Digest about his Spartan experience.

"Michigan State was great. They have state of the art facilities and camp had a lot of really good players to compete against. I really allowed me to test myself and show what I'm capable of doing."

By making a camp visit Arjen got the chance to work with Spartans defensive backs coach Harlon Barnett. How did that go?

"Coach Barnett is a real hard coach, but he also shows you how to do the right things on the field and seems like a great guy. He's a great coach and really understands the position he coaches."

Prior to camping with Michigan State the only contact with the Spartans came from his main recruiter Pat Narduzzi. How did any conversation go with the Spartans defensive coordinator?

"I sat down with Coach Narduzzi and also Coach Dantonio. After looking around campus I had a great meeting with both of them. Coach Dantonio really didn't know much about me as this was the first time he'd seen me. He said he really liked how I tested and performed and wants to get to know me more as a person. He said he'll be looking at my highlight tape to evaluate it and getting back with me. But he did say they have real interest in me and want to keep in contact with me."

With offers from Rice and Central Michigan, Arjen knows things are still early in the recruiting process for a kid from Canada. But he came away feeling stronger about the path he's traveling.

"The response I've gotten from the camps I've attended makes me want to work even harder and get offers from everywhere now. I've never been through this before and I want more. Michigan State has a great program and one that I'm really hoping will offer me a scholarship."

"I've got offers from Rice and Central Michigan. Akron said they'd offer me if I went for a visit. I'm also hearing from Buffalo."

While most camps have ended in the Midwest there are still a couple of camps hoping to see Arjen visit them.

"I'm looking at going to camps at Auburn and Alabama on the 17th and 18th but not sure if I'll make it there or not."

Spartan will continue to follow the recruiting trails of the "Canadian Flash" as he speeds across the country.

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