Where The Class Stands: On The Board

We first looked at the players who will make up the Class of 2011 that have given verbal pledges Mark Dantonio. Now it gets a little harder as we start looking at players still on the board holding offers from the Spartans and others. Who will become the next members of the Class of 2011? We give you our thoughts on nine players in this session of "Where The Class Stands".

Spartan Digest will do its best Carnac the Magnificent in who will become Spartans and who will end up somewhere else. Remember, these are not facts and could change over the course of the next few months.

Doran Grant – (St. Vincent-St. Mary High School – Akron, Ohio)

With a tie to the Spartans program Grant is a player the Michigan State coaching staff has worked hard at getting and are in a hard fought battle with Ohio State. From the outside it looks like Grant has a chance of becoming a part of the Spartan program, but, right now Spartan Digest feels Grant will be a Buckeye when all the dust settles. Father is onboard but getting mother on campus will be the key in any chance of wearing a Spartan uniform. Spartan Digest Prediction: (Will pledge to Ohio State).

DeAnthony Arnett – (Saginaw High School – Saginaw, Michigan)

Arnett has almost everyone on his offer list and has interest in several. But every time there is an event at Michigan State we find Arnett on campus. While others are working hard to get the star receiver leaning their way, Spartan Digest finds it hard to feel Arnett will look to leave the state. Spartan Digest Prediction: (Will pledge to Michigan State).

Anthony Zettel – (Ogemaw Heights High School – West Branch, Michigan)

Capable of playing on either side of the ball Zettel is a player who is looking hard to stay in the Big Ten. Right now it looks like a Michigan .vs. Michigan State fight, but a wild card could be Notre Dame if they choose to offer. Right now Zettel looks like a Michigan lean, but, if Michigan gets off to a poor start and a coaching change looks possible the better the chances are he'll pledge MSU. Toss out all the cards if Notre Dame offers. Spartan Digest Prediction: (50/50 between Michigan & Michigan State).

Valdez Showers – (Madison High School – Madison Heights, Michigan)

This is one player that is hard to read as he's done a great job of keeping all of his options open. With Florida on the list anything is possible, but look for Showers to go Big Ten. Right now that does not mean Michigan State is a front runner. If Notre Dame would offer it will change everything but right now Iowa looks strong as does Northwestern. Spartan Digest Prediction: (Too close to call but MSU looks to be on the outside).

Justice Hayes – (Grand Blanc Community High School – Grand Blanc, Michigan)

Hayes has been on campus and knows how bad MSU wants him in the fold. But right now it's looking more and more like Hayes could be a verbal pledge to Notre Dame. Can the Spartans pull this one out? If so they'll have to do it quick as Hayes seems to be on the verge of pulling the trigger. Spartan Digest Prediction: (Notre Dame is the leader).

Donavon Clark – Finneytown High School – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Right now this looks to be a real race between hometown Cincinnati and Michigan State. While Clark likes what he's seen at Indiana and Tennessee, USC is getting interest because of the Trojans staff having built a relationship when there were in Knoxville. This is a very important recruit for Mark Dantonio and right now things are looking good. We'll know more in about two weeks when Clark makes an unofficial visit to East Lansing. If Ohio State gets in the mix it could really change the look of things. Spartan Digest Prediction: (50/50 but feel the draw of the Big Ten may be too much and Donavon's father has ties to the area. Pledge Spartan when all is said and done.).

Antonio Poole – (Winton Woods High School – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Things were looking good between the Spartans and Poole until this week when Poole's high school coach took a job at the University of Cincinnati. Because of this I feel Poole will pull the trigger for the Bearcats in the coming weeks.

Jake Fisher – (Traverse City West Senior High – Traverse City, Michigan)

The lines have been drawn and the decision will come on Sunday. The Spartans fought the good fight but right now it looks as if Fisher will pledge to Michigan when it comes time to say so. Spartan Digest Prediction: (Pledges to Michigan on Sunday)

Roger Williamson – (Dayton Dunbar High School – Dayton, Ohio)

Williamson has the skills to be a major player at the college level. Harlon Barnett can help "R.J." take his game to the level to play on Sundays. Unless Ohio State gets into the mix, look for Williamson to be leaning towards the Spartans. We'll make our prediction based on no Ohio State offer. Spartan Digest Prediction: (Pledges Michigan State).

Nine players all with offers from Michigan State and where Spartan Digest feels they'll end up when all is said and done. While we have several giving pledges to others beside Michigan State those we have a future Spartans are very impressive.

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