Spartan 66 Player Rankings #18

In looking at players on the current roster and players getting ready to enter Michigan State this fall, presents its Spartan 66 Rankings. What is our reason for naming sixty-six Spartans? Michigan State last won a National Championship in 1966. We're now at player #18.

SD Ranking: #18

Chris Norman

Position: Linebacker

Exp: Sophomore

How good can Chris Norman be? With three years left to show Spartan fans, things look very exciting for the future development of the Detroit (MI) native. Playing in all 13 games last season, Norman showed signs he's got the talent to play in the Big Ten and do so at a high level.

Strengths: Athletic ability, early experience.

Weakness: Stay within himself.

Overall: A lot was expected out of Norman as the first member of the Spartans recruiting class of 2009. He didn't disappoint as he showed why he was a 4-star linebacker by by playing in all 13 games of the season. This season much more will be expected and no one will be surprised if he continues to show great growth and improvement.

Why He Made The List: With Greg Jones on the same team Norman will get to go to work and continue to grow without a lot of the spotlight. But there will be increased competition at the linebacker spots and Norman will need to continue to bring his A-Game if he wants to become the star many feel he has a chance to be. This season Norman should be a key member of an improved Spartans defense and for this why he's ranked at the 18th spot.

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