Canadian Flash Now Spartan Flash

When a player earns their offer off of their camp performance at Michigan State you know they've done something special. Arjen Colquhoun turned his camp performance from a couple of weeks ago into an offer and now a commitment. Spartan Digest caught up with the Canadian Flash for all the news.

Monday was a big day for Arjen Colquhoun of Windsor (Ontario) W F Herman High School and his family. Traveling with his parents and younger brother, Colquhoun made a return trip to East Lansing and was given his official offer from Mark Dantonio.

"We got to Michigan State at about 10:30. We spent some time with current players and also got a chance to talk with a couple of former players like Javon Ringer. We toured the weight room and other football facilities and then spent time with an academic advisor. We also had a chance to visit the dorms to see where I would be staying."

With the Spartans set to open practice in the coming days, Colquhoun had the Spartan staff's full attention.

"I spent time with Coach Narduzzi, Coach Barnett and Coach Dantonio. Coach Barnett is a very funny guy. He's really outgoing and I can't wait to play for him. Coach Narduzzi is so intense and also very outgoing. You can see he's always the life of the party. Coach Dantonio is very laid back and is a high morals and values person. I know he's the type of coach I wanted to play for."

Walking in on this visit Arjen didn't know yet if he had an offer from the Spartans or not.

"When I sat down with Coach Dantonio he offered me a scholarship. I gave him my commitment on the spot."

While the past couple of months had seen several programs offer, there was always one program that had caught Arjen's eye.

"Michigan State has always been my school. Since I started playing football and the time I started watching football, Michigan State was the school I watched. Having your favorite school offer you there was no way I could say no."

With his commitment behind him Arjen knows there is still much work to be done. But, there is also a sigh of relief in knowing things are done.

"It feels great right now. It's a little surreal, but I'm very happy and my family is happy and proud of me. They are now also part of the Spartan family and are very ecstatic about it."

Spartan Digest will continue following the path Arjen takes until he officially signs his letter of intent in February.

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