Treadwell Looking For More

With continued improvement Blake Treadwell will look to play in even more games in 2010. spoke with the Spartans nose tackle about the upcoming season, picking Michigan State, and working with defensive line coach Ted Gill.

Coming into Michigan State, last season not many thought Blake Treadwell would be a person of much interest. However, when called upon, Treadwell appeared in the final nine games of the season and showed early progress as a player to be looked upon as a major contributor for this season.

How does Blake feel this season will be for the Spartans.

"This year will be a lot better year for us all. I am really excited to show what I can do this season."

While Treadwell was put in the fire early, he knows there was still a lot of work to do during the offseason.

"I really needed to work on my technique and I needed to be stronger. This offseason I've been able to get a lot stronger."

Making the transition from high school to college can be a task for any first year player. How did Blake find the going?

"The game was so much faster, but I was able to pick up the finer details quickly."

With his father being a longtime coach and friend of Mark Dantonio, did Blake feel any pressure to pick the Spartans when the time came?

"No, not really, my dad said to choose the school that was best for me and he would support me."

While making the transition from high school to college was tough enough, having to move to Michigan in the middle of his high school career also proved to have been one that went well for Treadwell. How did Blake find high school football in Michigan as compared to Ohio?

"In Ohio, high school football is everything. There was a little difference between the two, but it is still football."

Another Spartan with ties to Southwest Ohio is fellow defensive lineman Jerel Worthy. How have the two gotten along?

"It was kind of an Ohio reunion. We are good friends and are really excited to get things going this season."

As for any goals this season, Blake has kept things simple.

"I want to compete and help the team to the best of my abilities."

Another great thing for Blake has been his relationship with Spartans defensive line coach Ted Gill. How has working with the veteran coach been so far?

"Working with Coach Gill has been great. He is such a great technique coach, you learn something new every day."

While Blake Treadwell is still a work in progress, his early development is something Spartan fans should be excited about watching.

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