Pointer Down to Three

After a breakout summer,Winston Salem (NC) Quality Education Academy wing Dominique Pointer had suitors lining up at his door, but he recently decided to narrow the scope of his recruitment significantly. Three are left standing and the official visit and decision timeline has been set. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the youngster's father to get the latest.

Dominique Pointer Profile

Sam Webb:  Where do things stand right now with Dom (Pointer)?

Tony Nolan:  "He was down to five schools, but it was so much work, and everybody was doing their own thing, and it was all messed it.  So I shut it down and now it has gone down from five schools to three.  There was too many schools with less time to do all this in."

 "I had to shut everything down and after I shut everything down, I got everything straight.  I got everything back in line the proper way and we're back on track.  It is so much calmer right now.  (Recruiting) is incredible.  He had too many things going on.  ‘Ziggy' was going one way and other people in his life were doing stuff, and had him all whacked out.  I called and I said, ‘look, we're through!  Cut out all this confusion and this whacked out situation and you take this down to three (schools) and call me back in two days."

Sam Webb:  So who are the three schools?

Tony Nolan:  "Three schools, and it is his choice…  I am going to put them in order for you... first school would be St. Johns, West Virginia and Michigan."

Sam Webb:  So St. Johns on top, followed by West Virginia, and then Michigan?

Tony Nolan:  "No, that's going by visits."

Sam Webb:  Oh so that's in order of the visits you guys going to take?

Tony Nolan:  "Right, and I made sure Michigan was last.  After our last visit, we'll come back and it will be over (soon).  St. John's will be on the 17th of this month, the 24th will be West Virginia, and then Michigan will be on the weekend of the 15th of October.  What makes (the Michigan visit) so good that day is (Beilein) is planning on all the recruits being there.  It is the homecoming day where all the teams get together and it is the first day of practice.  That was (Dominique's) whole concern… getting to know the players.  After that visit is when we'll take 24 to 48 hours and make a decision."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Dominique Pointer in the coming weeks.

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