Full Transcript: Denard Robinson

Denard smiles and parries with the press ... he doesn't want to talk about himself.

Question: Do you feel teams are taking extra shots trying to get knockout shots?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah but you know it is going to happen, but you cannot control that. You have to be fit and physical with them. I guess you got to be ready to take blows like that, or shots like that."

Question: What has the reaction been back home from your success; are you hearing from a lot of people?

Denard Robinson: "I hear from my parents, my brothers, my sisters. They tell me that you got to keep going. This is not the end. You got keep going. Don't just get complacent; you got to keep starving to get better."

Question: With all the accolades nationally and in the Big Ten just for these first two games, where do you find the ability to stay humble?

Denard Robinson: "How I was raised. My ma raised me to be humble and always keep your eyes on the prize when you go. You can't just say I'm the man or I'm this because that is not a good thing to do."

Question: In your mind what is the prize?

Denard Robinson: "Try to keep winning for Michigan, be all-in. Be a team player, don't be just a an "I" guy."

Question: How sore are you today?

Denard Robinson: "I'm a little sore but you got to get through it."

Question: Can you talk about your recruiting process and playing for Coach Rodriguez, choosing to come here and obviously it seemed to be a good it?

Denard Robinson: "Man it was like, when I was getting recruited, a lot of teams told me I could be a receiver, cornerback and other positions and this was one of the few schools that told me that I could be a quarterback. I took him on his offer. He told me, you will be a quarterback unless you want to play something different and I guess that is what it is now."

Question: What players did you watch growing up?

Denard Robinson: "You got to say Charles Woodson, you to say the great guys that came through Michigan, but as a kid I watched Peter Warrick, a Florida State guy, the Florida guys, Miami."

Question: A lot of people question if you continue to run the ball as much as you have, 29 the first game and 28 the second game, how do you feel about that?

Denard Robinson: "When they call my number and the offensive lineman are blocking like that and if God-willing, and God-engineering, I can do whatever."

Question: Talk about your punting ability.

Denard Robinson: "Coach, he make a big deal about the punting situation and the quarterback shouldn't be able to punt. I think that was a good punt. That was pretty good, pretty fun to be punting. I wouldn't like to punt (laughter). We don't want to punt the balls to anybody."

Question: Did you watch quarterbacks?

Denard Robinson: "I wouldn't say I watched a lot of quarterbacks. As a little kid I didn't watch the quarterbacks. I watched the guys that had the balls in their hands all the time like receivers and running backs and stuff like that."

Question: After your second start, are you under any pressure or are you just having fun?

Denard Robinson: "I'm having fun. The team is having fun and we're playing as a team and we play as a unit and the coaches are coaching well and we just thriving to get better."

Question: Can you talk about your relationship with the running backs.

Denard Robinson: "The running backs are just like, however the cookie crumbles. They all-in for Michigan and that's what it is right now. There is nobody that is going against each other. All are in for Michigan."

Question: Can you talk about Michael Shaw in particular a little bit; he took a couple of shots on Saturday and kept on going.

Denard Robinson: "Michael Shaw is a tough, tough dude. He's a pretty good....he's a real good guy. I'm not going to say pretty. He's a real good guy. He tells me all the time, make your read, do what you have to do. If you got to make that pull read, run, run hard as you can. He's not like, oh man, give me the ball. He's a guy that will block for me or whatever."

Question: Do you ignore whether it is ESPN or other writers touting you for Heisman and hyping you up?

Denard Robinson: "I don't pay attention to none of that. I don't even have cable. I don't like going on no websites or nothing. I like being around my teammates and be around the players and everything."

Question: Has anyone close to you said that word to you?

Denard Robinson: "Heisman? I mean right after the game, it was like you probably up for the Heisman, but I don't really care about it right now."

Question: There are a lot of comparisons being made between you and Pat White, who obviously played at West Virginia. Have you met Pat or talked to him at all?

Denard Robinson: "I never talked to Pat. I never met him. But being compared to him, that's a great guy, that's a great player. Man that is somebody that has set records. He was a great guy, a great player."

Question: Have you watched tape on him?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. He's a tremendous runner, great passer and I guess you could say that that he is the same thing…they listed me as an athlete."

Question: How much of Rich's success with him kind of convince you that you should come to Michigan?

Denard Robinson: "That did play a big role, because I seen them play and I watched Pat when I was in high school. When I was in high school and Pat White was a difference-maker."

Question: We've seen all the attention that you've had for the last couple of weeks with the media but what has been different on campus, the reception from your classmates; how has that been?

Denard Robinson: "Classmates, don't really say too much. They probably just say great game and just keep going. They really don't say too much."

Question: Can you do things now football wise that you couldn't do in high school; have you added things to your game that is different?

Denard Robinson: "I think you get stronger when you come to college. You get a little stronger, a little faster. I guess I can take a little pounding more, I could run the ball a little bit better. I can read defenses. A lot of things….you get better when you get to the next level because you got better coaches and great players to be around and supportive staff."

Question: How close are you to the other quarterbacks and is it a "happy family", especially with the stuff that happened…?

Denard Robinson: "Of course it is a happy family. We all brothers on this team. We a family. Tate (Forcier) was happy for me after the game and Devin (Gardner) was too. Jack (Kennedy)….all us, we're family. Nobody against each other or anything like that."

Question: You had over 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing. Are you particularly proud of the passing since that's something people questioned your ability to do?

Denard Robinson: "I am happy. A lot of people doubted me last year and that is a good deal, but I really don't care about what the other people think about me."

Question: Where do you get the smile from?

Denard Robinson: "Both of my parents like to smile. My whole family smiles all the time, it is just something that goes through my family I guess."

Question: Do people make the Desmond Howard connection with you. Do you see that yourself?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. Everybody tells me Desmond Howard. We even call each other twins."

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