Full Transcript: David Molk

Dave Molk joins Denard in parrying with the press ... he doesn't want to talk about himself.

Question: Is Denard (Robinson) the kind of kid that teammates don't mind that he is getting a lot of attention right now because of the way he acts?

David Molk: "Denard is probably the best person that could have all this fame. He knows how to handle it. He understands it. He doesn't search for it, which is probably the most impressive thing. He is not the kind of guy that wants more of it. He actually doesn't like it. There is nothing better than that. He is not going to get taken by the storm and it is not going to fluster him, it is not going to take him off his game. He is handling it beautifully."

Question: How do you know he doesn't like it; does he say he doesn't like it?

David Molk: "Yeah. He doesn't like interviews. He doesn't like you guys (laughter). I don't like you guys (laughter)."

Question: Talk about the development of your other running backs and what you thought of their game?

David Molk: "As we go through the season we'll see guys come in. Our running backs are performing. Denard has been taking a lot of it as we all know, but they are going to step up and they are going to be big."

Question: How does it feel to be 2-0 and to be ranked in the top 25 at 20?

David Molk: "It doesn't change how I view the season at all. I would rather not be ranked. I don't like the attention that comes with all of it. I think that I would just rather we be left alone and stick as a team. I don't want to see anybody break off because of the numbers or anything like that or ranking. We just need to stay together and stick with what we have."

Question: Do you think there is a little target on your back that maybe there wasn't before these first two games?

David Molk: "Definitely, since we came into the season, ranked like 80th in the country and now we're 20th. It is definitely a different view that other teams will put on us, but it is nothing that we can't handle."

Question: Last year, you guys were offensively a little bit inconsistent; what has been the difference, 500 yards of offense, 280 on the ground per game, just talk about what you guys are doing differently.

David Molk: "Everyone is more mature. No one is making mistakes. We know what we need to do. We know the playbook. We know the offense. We know how to read defenses. We can see blitzes coming. We're just older, more mature."

Question: What is your assessment of the offensive line two games in?

David Molk: "We're doing well but as every offensive line in the country there are always more places to improve and as we go into the season we'll find those improvements and we'll make them and become better."

Question: Do you at al sense outside the program the perception of Coach Rodriguez changing compared to what it was even two weeks ago to last year?

David Molk: "It seems like, they hate him when we lose and love him when we win. It is kind of the same thing with every college coach in the country."

Question: What are the greatest benefits and challenges of playing center in the spread offense?

David Molk: "Probably no different than any other center in the country. You touch the ball every play. It starts with me. If I screw up, it looks bad. But it is nothing that I can't handle. As far as benefits go, it is about the same. Offensive line play really in my eyes really doesn't change. I just get to hit people, snap the ball."

Question: What do you say to your teammates in particular the young guys when you faced adversity on Saturday?

David Molk: "Especially in the second half when we couldn't get a drive going because of some penalty problems. It was amazing to see the guys…we would come together more. We would get stronger as a group. You wouldn't see guys break off, go sit on the sideline, go sit on the bench and it was more come together, we know we're down. We know we need to get some yardage. We know we need to drive. So no one was backing down. Everyone was lifting up and coming in."

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