Full Transcript: Greg Banks

Greg Banks talks about not-taking opponents lightly, about the team gaining respect, and more.

Question: How does it feel to be ranked?

Greg Banks: "We really don't look at rankings. We're still playing like we're ranked 80 in the nation. That's how we feel on that."

Question: In the pregame shows, the fans asked questions and try to ask you guys; one of the fans wants to know if it is tough to get up for so called ‘powder puffs' like UMASS and Bowling Green?

Greg Banks: "Seriously, any game we play there is no such thing as a powder puff game. We saw that with Appalachian State. We underestimated them and that will not happen ever again. Any opponent that we have, we will never underestimate them. Any team that plays against Michigan is going to come and bring their all. So that is how we see every team we play."

Question: A couple of people today have mentioned that 80th in the nation, is that something the coaches used on you guys before the season?

Greg Banks: "No, it is the truth. If you go back and look at some of the rankings that they had. That's where they had us ranked at, 86th or something like that. It wasn't a marketing ploy for our team. It wasn't something to push us. It was the truth and that's another reason why we're playing because it is reality for our team. We need to earn everybody's respect that's what we trying to do."

Question: It must provide motivation doesn't it?

Greg Banks: "Well anything provides motivation. Like I said, we play within our group, within ourselves, within our team. No one said, hey you guys can make this team special this year, just like last year we could have made it special. What do you want to be remembered as for the 2010 team, so that pushed us."

Question: How low was the defense feeling that last Notre Dame touchdown and then the sense, okay can we get this done still?

Greg Banks: "I wouldn't say that we was like low about it. It is like man, we slipped up, but we're always talking about how you got to stay in the moment. That play happened one play ago so we had to flush that in order to be ready for the next play. We knew as a defense unit, if we were going to give our offense a chance to get the ball and put it in the end zone that we needed to go out there and perform the next series."

Question: Where you in a meeting with the defense while that drive was going on or were you kind of keeping any eye on what was going on?

Greg Banks: "I was in the mix with everybody on the field and talking with the defenses and the coaches and stuff, especially as a senior. I have some experience and I am trying to keep the young guys into the game because some guys can be easily lost. It is more like everybody stay focused. It is like I said keep your eyes on the moment because every play counts."

Question: Can you talk about the D-lines ability to get to the quarterback in this game against maybe UCONN?

Greg Banks: "UCONN and Notre Dame have great offensive lines or what not, so we not taking anything away from them. We can only focus on what we can do. We came in with a game plan to try to put pressure on the quarterback to get back there and force the pocket to move around and that's what we stayed steadfast on."

Question: Does this win feel different than when you beat Notre Dame last year?

Greg Banks: "Notre Dame is Notre Dame no matter how you cut it. Winning last year and winning this year, as you see two years ago, we didn't win in South Bend and we really wanted to come out this week with a win against them. It doesn't really matter what year it was or even when they play them next year when I'm not here. The Notre Dame game is the Notre Dame game. It is big either way you put it."

Question: On whether the team's confidence is growing…

Greg Banks: "We're getting better as people can see. We can see it in ourselves. We're starting to believe in ourselves a lot more than usual. Not to say that we weren't believing in ourselves, it is just that we are starting to find our identify as a team and our individual players working together."

Question: How do you feel taking over basically for Brandon Graham?

Greg Banks: "Brandon Graham what more can you say. Like I said, I came in here with him my freshman year. I still talk to him now even though he is with Philadelphia and like I said in some of the articles that were written about him. I cannot replace him, none of us can replace him. It is not the players, it's the position. So we had to step up for the position."

Question: What did you learn the most from Brandon?

Greg Banks: "Just be myself. I can only play within my limits. Like I said, I talk to him every day before the game, before practice. He texted me earlier today just talking, just about how NFL life is and what not. That's all I can do. Really nothing different, he says use this move, use that move. He calls us and teases us about what we could have done and the plays we missed and stuff."

Question: What is it like to have somebody like him to be able to have that kind of communication?

Greg Banks: "It's great. Not many people have that communication, I wouldn't say in college but in life period. He is a great friend of mine that I'll have for the rest of my life. We went through a lot of struggles even when we came in our freshman year. The expectations are big. He expects a lot out of us as well because he was with us on the defensive line and he knows exactly what we can do individually and as a unit."

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