Full Transcript: J.T. Floyd

Cornerback J.T. Floyd talks about the young defensive backfield, about Denard Robinson, about taking UMass seriously, and more.

Question: Can you assess James Rogers' performance?

JT Floyd: "I think he competed extremely hard. I looked the film yesterday and I was extremely impressed. He's a competitor and he competed each and every play. I couldn't be more proud of him."

Question: What kind of teammate is Denard? Can you give us any examples?

JT Floyd: "He's the best (Denard Robinson). He's a real down the earth guy. He's an extremely hard worker. I cannot say enough good things about him. I'm just happy to be a part of this team with him."

Question: Could you tell that James was ready for this challenge, when everything went down?

JT Floyd: "Yeah. I definitely have seen positive things in James. He was just the type of guy that just had to put it all together. He's always had a work ethic. He's always had good knowledge of the game. He just really had to gain some experience and kind of put all the things together."

Question: Any surprise at all that you are 2 and 0 and what is the feeling inside the building right now?

JT Floyd: "I wouldn't say it is a surprise. We just realize the sense of urgency that we have. We want to win for Michigan. That's always been our goal each and every year and we work extremely hard throughout the year the year and throughout the summer. It is just something that we really work hard for and something we take pride in."

Question: What does the defense confidence build now just as a whole unit after a big win like that on the road against Notre Dame?

JT Floyd: "I definitely believe this is a step in the positive direction. I see a lot of positive signs of encouragement, but we still have a lot of work to do. We still got a lot of things that we got to patch up, a lot of holes that we still got to fill. So we just got to get into the film room and get better each and every day."

Question: How eager are you to prove that this defense can stop those big plays?

JT Floyd: "Oh we definitely accept each challenge that we are presented with. It is another challenge this week. UMASS has a great team. They got a good group of receivers. So it is another challenge that we always just try to pride ourselves on working extremely hard, taking coaching and just getting prepared each and every week."

Question: What happened to your voice, too much yelling on the sidelines?

JT Floyd: "Yeah I was one of the most exciting games that I've ever been a part of. I was just down there rooting my teammates on and just communicating with my fellow defenders and the people on offense. I'm just happy to say that I could be a part of a game like that."

Question: How do you feel after that interception when you pulled it down; was it kind of relief?

JT Floyd: "Oh yeah. I felt like the secondary, we did well. We had some extremely good plays out there. I think our coverage held up a lot. We had a couple of big plays that we wish we could have back but those guys are extremely talented over there at Notre Dame. So we got to tip our hats to them. After my first career pick, I was just extremely excited. It felt like a big weight off my shoulder just trying to finally getting that first one. It is always elusive, but I'm just glad to say I can get one."

Question: Any road win is obviously good but to be walking out of that building with one, just describe that.

JT Floyd: "Yes, getting a road victory in South Bend, it is something that we can really just attribute to our had work and our preparation and our coaches have done an extremely good job of just getting us ready each and every week and game planning us and just really working us extremely hard so we can get better at our craft."

Question: You talk about accepting each challenge, do you think there is a little unfair perception of the secondary or just overall for this team?

JT Floyd: "I do not think it is an unfair perception. I just think it is something that is out there and something that we just got to all prove. Every player out there is pretty much inexperience. I have a couple of career starts under my belt and so does James, Cam Gordon; (Jordan) Kovacs, he started out last year. We just a real inexperienced group, so we every week just got to go out there and prove that we belong here."

Question: What is the most important thing that you guys have to do this week leading up for the game against UMASS?

JT Floyd: "I just think we got to continue to stay focused, just continue to keep that hunger that we've had this whole time and just stay focused get down on our assignments, get into this film room and really take them because they are an extremely talented opponent and we cannot take them lightly."

Question: How would you evaluate how Jonas Mouton played?

JT Floyd: "I love having him on my side. He's an extremely well communicator. He's a heck of a football player. I always know, every time I get out there with Jonas Mouton, he is going to give me 110%. He's a remarkable player. I enjoy playing with him."

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