Branden Jackson Updates Recruitment

GBW's Eugene Hankerson recently made the trip to Mansion Park (PA) to see the Altoona Lions taken on the visiting McKeesport Tigers. The game was never close, and the Tigers came away with a 60-0 victory. GBW caught up with Branden Jackson after the game for some post game recruiting talk.

Eugene Hankerson: How has your recruitment been going?

Branden Jackson: "It's been going well. My phone has been blowing up since the coaches have been allowed to make phone calls."

Eugene Hankerson: Are you getting tired of the process?

Branden Jackson: "Nah, I enjoy it, I'm loving all the attention. I know a lot of people get tired of it, but not me. You only go through the process once, so I might as well enjoy it. I look forward to the coaches calling me; I need to know the coaches I might be playing for in the future anyway."

Eugene Hankerson: Who was the first school to call you on September 1st?

Branden Jackson: "North Carolina. They called before school but I missed the call. They left a voicemail, and I called them back later that day."

Eugene Hankerson: Did any other schools call?

Branden Jackson: "I talked to Michigan, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Iowa, Texas Tech, pretty much all the schools that have offered me."

Eugene Hankerson: Did any of the coaches talk to you about setting up your official visits?

Branden Jackson: "Yeah, I'm actually going to Texas Tech for an official visit next weekend (Saturday)."

Eugene Hankerson: I know you have always talked about visiting Lubbock, what made you pick Texas Tech for your first official visit?

Branden Jackson: "I like the coaches and the team. Plus I like to travel and see different places. I have to leave home at some point; my family is supporting me wherever I go."

Eugene Hankerson: Have you decided on other official visits?

Branden Jackson: "No, I'm not sure about my other visits yet."

Eugene Hankerson: The two of you spoke very highly of the Tar Heels, and talked about possibly going there together. Is that the plan?

Branden Jackson: "North Carolina is beautiful. A lot of times coaches will tell you about how nice their campus is. The North Carolina campus is everything the coaches said it was. We were like, wow, this is amazing. That was the time that playing together really entered our minds."

Eugene Hankerson: What's going on with you and Michigan? I know that they were on you early. Have they fallen off a bit?

Branden Jackson: "No, things are good. The coaches are still on me. I know all about the Big House and its renovations. Me and coach Gibby talk all the time. He's laid back and doesn't put any pressure on me, so I like that. He would like to get me up to Michigan for a visit, but nothing has been set up yet."

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