James Rogers talks about the DB play

Senior cornerback James Rogers talks about stepping up into the breech when Troy Woolfolk went down, he talks about UMass, about covering Michael Floyd, about Cameron Gordon, about Denard Robinson, and more.

Question: There have been a couple of FCS teams knocking off division 1 teams; can you talk about preparing for UMass and being leery of that?

James Rogers: "We just got to stay humble. We got to go out and prepare every week like it is the biggest game of the year. We're just going to go out and prepare like it is for any other Big Tem or any rival game. We are just going to go out there the same way."

Question: Can you talk about trying to limit the big plays, especially with a team like UMass that seems to have pretty good receivers. What do you know about the receivers?

James Rogers: "I don't know too much about the receivers yet. We're going to get into our scouting books and learn a little bit more about them. Like I said, we just got to keep going out and do like we do prepare the same way for every team, eliminate the big plays. We just got to put ourselves in better position. It is going to come along. It is only the third week, so it is good that the bad plays happened early in the year and we are going to get better at it."

Question: Can you talk about your comfort level out there and just kind of where you see your game is after two games?

James Rogers: "I go out and play, and just have fun every week. I feel I have nothing to lose. I've been from corner to receiver a few times so every week I just try to go out there and have fun and play with enthusiasm."

Question: When Troy (Woolfolk) went down, did you see this as an opportunity?

James Rogers: "Oh yeah. I see that all the time just like when I make position switches. I just take it to my advantage and go out there and every time it comes to me, I just try to take the best of that advantage."

Question: It seemed like you were the guy on Michael Floyd most of the game; what was it like trying to guard him?

James Rogers: "I kind of picked up some of his tendencies early from watching film. Just like that one breakup pass in the end zone. I knew he was going to stick me inside and drive outside, so I guess I prepared myself well for it and I just made the play."

Question: What do you try to do during the week to try and pick up his tendencies when going against a big time would you say?

James Rogers: "Just preparation, preparing. You got to watch as much film as you can and just try to get that little advantage over your opponent just watch a lot of film and just try to pick up on those tendencies."

Question: By now everybody has seen what Denard (Robinson) can do on the field. Tell people what he is like off the field, away from practice personality or what have you?

James Rogers: "He's a great kid. He is only a sophomore but the kid is a leader. Just going back into the summertime and seven on sevens and all that kind of stuff. He's the first one out there with the offense and getting prepared to make sure that everything is getting run right. The kids a great kid."

Question: You talk about the film study; how has that changed now that you are in the starting role as opposed to the past or has it not changed?

James Rogers: "It has not changed at all. We always get in there together as a whole unit and watch film. I think just for me, it has changed a little bit for me that I got to help these young cats out a little bit better, the young players. When they come in, I got to take them through the playbook and stuff and actually show them how to work the system and stuff that's all."

Question: Can you talk about having a chip on your shoulder about the secondary being the weak spot; how did you guys deal with that and the perceptions of you guys outside the program?

James Rogers: "We're young, the only thing that came to our mind is that we just got to go out here and have fun and play with it. It has always been that weight on our shoulders from the defensive backfield anyways. So basically when Troy went down, I knew me as a senior, I had a step up in my leadership and these young players are ready to play. I think we just go out there and play relentless. If something bad happens, we just got to shake it off and keep going and play."

Question: Do the players as a unit, do you guys take some pride in the fact that you guys are now ranked for the first time since last year?

James Rogers: "We don't even look at it like that. Probably if you asked half the players on the team, they probably don't know we're ranked right now. We just try to stay out of the newspapers and stuff like that and don't even worry about it."

Question: Did you see much of James Madison's win over Virginia Tech?

James Rogers: "I didn't see any of that. No not really. No did not see any of this."

Question: As a senior, did you say anything to Cam Gordon who had a little bit of struggles there Saturday? How do you think he has been doing?

James Rogers: "Cam is a hard worker. Actually, me and Cam worked out together over the summertime and stuff. He's probably going to be the biggest critic on himself after what happened this weekend. The kid has a great passion for the game. He's young. He still has three more years after this year. Trust me, Cam is going to watch that film and he is going to get better and he is going to be the biggest critic on himself."

Question: What was going on when you see Denard take off?

James Rogers: "The boy's a speedster. When I see him, I just look at it like a track meet and he is going to run across that goal line and he is going to be champion; that's all I see."

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