Michigan Turns Up Heat on Dorsey-Walker

As was indicated GoBlueWolverine last month, a flurry of basketball visitors made their way to campus for unofficial visits before the team traveled to Europe. One of those prospects was c/o 2012 Detroit Pershing standout Sherron Dorsey-Walker. With one scholarship left in the 2012 class, the Motor City standout appears to be one of the Wolverines' prime targets.

Sam Webb:  I heard that Michigan had made it by recently…

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah Michigan was there today (Tuesday)."

Sam Webb:  Who came down?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Coach Beilein and Coach Alexander."

Sam Webb:  I saw you at Michigan's Elite camp. Is that when they really started recruiting you hard, or had they been recruiting you before that?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They was recruiting me before."

Sam Webb:  Let us go back to that elite camp experience.  What was that like for you? 

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "It was good. A lot of just meeting new people from all across the state and all that."

Sam Webb:  For people that haven't seen you play, sort of break your game down.  If you were a scout in the stands and you were watching yourself on the floor, tell me what you'd see.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I like to shoot, get my teammates involved, drive to the hole… just win.  I like to win."

Sam Webb:  Is there a player in the college or the pros that you sort of compare yourself too or people compare you to?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They say Kevin Durant."

Sam Webb:  What is your height and weight at this point?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "6'4" and 175."

Sam Webb:  When you talk to schools, what position or positions are most of them recruiting you for?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Two guard or one."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a preference?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Really shooting guard."

Sam Webb:  Getting back to Michigan, what kind of vibe do you have with Coach Alexander with him right now?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "It is a good vibe."

Sam Webb:  Did you know him before he started working at Michigan?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah at Western (Michigan), he was recruiting me there too.  He was recruiting Juwan Howard."

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Beilein?  What are your impressions of him?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I just got done talking to him.  About 20 minutes ago I was talking to him."

Sam Webb:  What were you guys talking about?  What's the vibe like with him?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "He's a great person.  He tells me that he wanted me to be up there this weekend for a football game."

Sam Webb:  Have they talked to you about how they see you fitting in if you were to go there?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They said that they needed a shooting guard that can shoot the ball, drive to the hole and get other teammates involved if you getting shots or something."

Sam Webb:  Did they demonstrate how you'd be used on the board or on video? 

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "When I went up there for an unofficial visit they did that.  I went up there for a practice the day before they went to Europe."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of the team?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They were playing hard.  They were a good team."

Sam Webb:  Do you know any of the players or did any of them come over and introduced themselves to you while you were there?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Darius Morris did."

Sam Webb:  You don't know any of the guys that they have on the team right now?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah I know some of them.  I know Jordan Morgan."

Sam Webb:  What schools do you have offers from right now?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Baylor, Indiana, Dayton, Drake, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Oakland and Fairfield."

Sam Webb:  Aside from those schools, who are some of the others schools that are recruiting you hard?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Michigan State, Kansas State and Xavier and Michigan."

Sam Webb:  What has Michigan said to you about an offer?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They said I'm close."

Sam Webb:  Are you going back up to Michigan this weekend?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yes."

Sam Webb:  You told me you made it to Michigan for some visits; what other schools have you been to for visits?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Dayton."

Sam Webb:  Do you have plans to go on any other visits to any other schools any time soon?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I'm supposed to be making one to Baylor, but I don't know yet."

Sam Webb:  What are the things that you're looking for when you evaluate all of the schools on your list?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "A school that I can get better at and I can make the team better, a great education, and just a good surrounding where I'm comfortable at."

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Naw, I really do not care where I go, how far it is."

Sam Webb:  What about style of play?  Are you looking for a particular style of offense to go play for?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "No not really."

Sam Webb:  Do you have an idea of how long you want recruitment to last… when you'll want to make a decision?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "No not really."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite at this point?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker: "No I do not have no favorites."

Sam Webb:  Okay, I'm going to say a few schools and you just tell me what you think about them right now starting with Baylor.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They're a good program.  They a winning program right now.  I like there coaching staff."

Sam Webb:  Dayton?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I love it up there.  I talk to the coach the other day.  He wants me real bad."

Sam Webb:  Michigan State?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They a good school too.  All our players are going there mostly.  Most of our good players went there."

Sam Webb:  Michigan?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They a good program, our Pershing players went there too and Beilein a good person and Bacari (Alexander), he is too."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more on Dorsey-Walker in the coming days.

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