Full Transcript: Denard Robinson

Denard parries off the probes of the press again ... insisting that Michigan was "sluggish" -- simple as that.

Question: You guys are down ten, were you scared that you might lose?

Denard Robinson: "Naw. We just had to focus and everybody had to play as one, play as a team and play smart."

Question: How would you assess your day?

Denard Robinson: "We started off slow. My teammates played today that's what I'm talking about. That's what we needed. We needed (Mike) Shaw to make big plays like that and the offensive line was blocking real good and everything clicked I guess."

Question: You threw the pick that was first your first pass and then it seemed like they were containing you a little bit more than you had been previously.

Denard Robinson: "They didn't really contain me. That's why Shaw had a good game, how they played us was a way for the running backs to have a good game today. That's basically what happened."

Question: That decision you made at some point in the game where you were going to go more to Shaw, more to the tailbacks or was that….?

Denard Robinson: "They made the decision. They made the decision and fed off that."

Question: Because they tried to take you away and make you hand it off?

Denard Robinson: "I guess that was the cost."

Question: Are you surprised teams haven't tried to go to that sooner?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know how they are going to play us."

Question: After the first two games, you had kind of an out of the world, did that first pass kind of give you a little humble pie at the beginning?

Denard Robinson: "Oh no. I (outside noise) stay humble and I knew I was going to make a mistake… throw a pick. There was no way I was going to have a season without throwing a pick. You are going to make mistakes, nobody is perfect. That's basically what happened."

Question: Was it almost a relief to get that first major mistake out of the way at some point?

Denard Robinson: "I guess. I knew it was going to come. I knew eventually I was going to end up throwing a pick. You're going to face adversity the whole season. You're not going to have a perfect season."

Question: How important was it to have Mike Shaw run that way today for the offense going forward?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, it was great. It was great to have him run the ball like that. He executed the offense. He made it happen."

Question: Did you think you were going to play the whole game?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah I did until the coaches told me (otherwise)."

Question: How does your body feel after today's game compared to the other two?

Denard Robinson: "My body feel good. I feel good. I'm ready to roll."

Question: When (Daryl) Stonum caught the ball and broke afterwards, what was the design there and did he do most of that on his own?

Denard Robinson: "It was designed. He read the blocks perfectly and he made one guy miss and got going. He ran for a touchdown. He told me, once I get to the open nobody catching me."

Question: Can you talk about the swing in momentum that you guys had from being down to you're up right at the end of the half and then you come out and boom, you're up 18; how big that shift was?

Denard Robinson: "That was a big shift. We knew our offense could play. We just had to bring the tempo and be ready to play, make plays happen."

Question: Do you mind when they take you away and you have to go to other guys as well?

Denard Robinson: "I'm all in for Michigan. I'm all in for Michigan, whatever it takes to win. We're winning for Michigan. We're not just winning for me."

Question: Is there maybe a little bit of pride in the fact that you threw for more yards than you ran for today?

Denard Robinson: "That was cool, that's cool. If we get a W, that's great."

Question: Did you feel kind of helpless in the fourth quarter; you guys only ran seven plays on offense. You had had to stand there and watch the defense battle play after play.

Denard Robinson: "They was a good team on offense and a good team on defense. They played a pretty good game. Our defense played alright. We just got to step it up."

Question: Did Shaw show what he can do, as a homerun hitter sort of running back?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah. All our running backs are like that. We was just waiting for people to give the running backs a chance and that's basically what happened today."

Question: Was UMASS better than you thought they would be?

Denard Robinson: "We watched film and they were pretty good. We didn't doubt them at all, we just came out sluggish."

Question: On if the offense felt the need to get some momentum heading into halftime…

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. We had to step it up and everybody knew that we had to step it up. Going into the half and with them with the momentum is not a good thing, not a good feeling."

Question: How much of coming out sluggish was the emotions that were spent last week at Notre Dame?

Denard Robinson: "We really moved on from that Notre Dame game. That was last week. Now we are going to move on from UMASS after tomorrow, after we watch film. We'll move on from there to Bowling Green."

Question: Did you feel that you grew as a quarterback today and if so, how?

Denard Robinson: "I wouldn't say I grew…every day is a learning day. You learn from everything, so you got to take it. You can't come out sluggish and expect to just win. That's probably what I learned today."

Question: What can you guys do so this doesn't happen against Bowling Green next week?

Denard Robinson: "We got to refocus. We got to get the focus and try to be in all in."

Question: When it was 17-7, were you wondering what was going on?

Denard Robinson: "No I wasn't, because I knew we was just sluggish."

Question: Did the UMASS defense throw anything at you that you weren't expecting?

Denard Robinson: "No they didn't."

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