Full Transcript: Mike Martin

The Michigan nose tackle talks about the UMass offensive line, and the performance of the Michigan Defense.

Question: Talk about battling UMass' O-line, the big guys they had out there.

Mike Martin: "They had a good line. They were smart and they did a good job of positioning their bodies a certain way to where they made themselves effective. All we can do is play hard. We played hard, they made some plays, but Michigan came out with the victory that's all we can ask for."

Question: Can you talk about your day a little bit and some of the plays that you were able to make.

Mike Martin: "Yeah. We called some plays just to try and keep them unbalanced, try to disguise some things, but like I said, they did a good job of making plays. It was back and forth there for a while. They did a good job and give UMASS a lot of credit. They did a good job today."

Question: When you get doubled as much as you do; what is it like to break free and get the sack?

Mike Martin: "It feels good as a nose guard, because you don't really get a lot of chance to be free and get a one on one. It is just kind of…coach talks about hitting the rocks. When the rock breaks, it is not the hit that made it break, it was the 99 prior hits that made it break. Just constantly going after it and getting paid for it. It feels good. My teammates, they allowed it to happen. It just keeps contain and things like that."

Question: On why the defense isn't getting more sacks…

Mike Martin: "I don't know. We just got to keep playing hard. I remember last year, Brandon Graham didn't have a sack until his fourth game. You can't really say why you haven't had as many sacks. We're only in the third game of the season. There are a lot more games to play."

Question: Do your eyes kind of light up when you see a one-on-one situation?

Mike Martin: "Oh yeah. Yeah because we work one on ones in practice, so when I get the opportunity, I got take advantage of it."

Question: What do you think was lacking with the defense today compared to the first two weeks of the season?

Mike Martin: "I think the focus that we needed. I don't think we were as focused. We had a good week of practice, but we just got buckle down and have a better week of practice and get back to fundamentals, things like tackling and being in our gap and keeping contain."

Question: When you saw them on film, did you anticipate that they might give you some trouble?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. Like I said, they are a good team. We never underestimate a team. We're not good enough to just walk in and play and get a victory. We got to play every down, every game, no matter who it is. So we just got to continue to do that."

Question: What were you thinking when Cam (Gordon) got that interception and then fumbled on the return, the range of emotions of there; you had the stop and all of a sudden they had the ball back?

Mike Martin: "Yeah that's tough. That's something, it is just one of those freak things. I turned around to get a block but then he put the ball on the ground and just the way it came up. We didn't complain about it. We just came back and went to go play the next play that's all you can do."

Question: On moving on after bad plays and not getting down on one another…

Mike Martin: "We've done a good job this year of not getting worried and pointing the fingers at guys, because that's what we did in the past and we've become a better team in that aspect. Just scrapping the last play and on to the next one. You can't worry about what happened in the past, you got to keep on playing."

Question: Anything said at halftime that you can…you were leading at that point, but any nerves were you guys still…?

Mike Martin: "Coach, he went to the drawing board, went over a few things, where guys had to be positioned on certain plays. The bottom line, the message was at halftime was just we got another half, another 30 minutes of football to play and we got to come out and play as hard as we can."

Question: What can you do as one of the leaders on the defense to get the teams focus on Bowling Green?

Mike Martin: "We got to have that intensity in practice, in all aspects of practice. We can't let down. Tuesday is our tough day, so we got to make sure that guys are focused this week and we buckle down and get ready for BG coming up."

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