Bryant High on Michigan (Part 1)

In part one of GoBlueWolverine's update on Chicago Simeon offensive lineman Chris Bryant's visit to Michigan the talented youngster gives his impressions of the Maize & Blue after a 3-0 start, discusses his interaction with the coaches, updates his timeline, and more. Is he on the verge of making a decision?

Sam Webb:  Talk about how the season is going for you so far?

Chris Bryant "It is going good.  We rolling right now. We 4-0.  We got those two tough rivalry games off our back.  So now we going through conference.  We just got to stay focused and humble."

Sam Webb:  You told me how you guys are doing collectively; how are you doing individually out there?

Chris Bryant:  "I'm doing pretty good.  I'm just trying to stay focused and get better every day in practice and all the different drills and techniques, just want to get better very day in practice."

Sam Webb:  What are your impressions of Michigan so far this year?

Chris Bryant:  "They really showing me a lot.  They showing me everything I need to see and I'm liking them a lot.  I'm definitely excited about them."

Sam Webb:  Were you watching that offensive line play out there; could you see yourself fitting in there?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah.  I can see myself out there.  They real physical, they quick, they fast.  They're true offensive lineman."

Sam Webb:  What did the coaches have to say to you on this visit today?

Chris Bryant:  "They definitely just want to keep getting me back here.  Just seeing things every day that I couldn't see before.  Everything that is new that is added everything.  They just wanted me to see the best part of it.  They just want me to be a part of their family. They going through the recruiting process.  They said that they want you to be here.  They want to set official visits and all that good stuff."

Sam Webb:  Did they put the screws too you man?  Did they say, hey man we want you to come right now?

Chris Bryant:  "Something like that.  They not the kind of people that will pressure you.  It is your decision and they understand.  They definitely tell you how much it would mean to them if you were able to become a Wolverine."

Sam Webb:  It was written recently that Michigan and Stanford were moving out front for you.  Is that still the case?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah that's still the case.  I can't say so much of a leader, but I'm still just checking both of them out.  Everything is just starting to role, so I'm still doing my home work on both of them."

Sam Webb:  So what does your timeline look like? Are you going to make a decision soon, or are you going to make it later?

Chris Bryant:  "At the beginning, I was thinking on signing day but the way things are going, it could be early.  I can't really say yet, but probably early just to get everything out of the way."

Sam Webb:  Did they talk to you about how many scholarships they have left and what kind of timeline they have here?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah.  They getting close to it.  It is a speedy process.  I might have to come early, but if not…  If it is there for me, it'll be there and it was meant for me."

Sam Webb:  I'm going to say the school and you just give me your thoughts.   Stanford; give me your thoughts on Stanford.

Chris Bryant:  "They rolling too.  I think they are like 3-0, something like that.  So they looking good also."

Sam Webb:  Give me your thoughts on Michigan.

Chris Bryant:  "Michigan is looking real good.  I was able to get out here to get to a game and see the college atmosphere and the game atmosphere.  It was real good to see."

Stay tuned for part two of GoBlueWolverine's update on Chris Bryant for word from the youngster's father on Michigan, the recruiting process, and more.

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