Bryant High on Michigan (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's update on Chicago Simeon offensive lineman Chris Bryant's visit to Michigan, the youngster's father shares his thoughts on the recruiting process, the Wolverines, his son's decision timetable, and more. Will distance from home be a factor in the final choice?

Sam Webb:  From a parental perspective tell me about the recruiting process and how it is going?

Eric Bryant:  "It's going real good.  I'm really enjoying this.  This has been a good ride for us."

Sam Webb:  When you advise him, what are the things that you tell him are important to look for?

Eric Bryant:  "For the most part, we have to make sure the academics are straight.  We have to make sure the academics is some place once this football thing is over with, he can take care of his family, take care of himself.  If he can't get his academics and then football second, then we in the wrong spot."

Sam Webb:  What did you think if Michigan today?

Eric Bryant:  "I love Michigan.  Blue all the way…we bleeding blue right now.  The Wolverines all the way.  We've been here before, but this is the first time we've been to a game."

Sam Webb:  What are your impressions of the team now that you got a chance to see them get to 3-0?

Eric Bryant:  "Very good.  We see where Chris will fit in there.  They need a little work.  They need Chris over there on a couple of spots, but it is all good though."

Sam Webb:  Did they talk to you about their timeline because of how many scholarships they have left?

Eric Bryant:  "They don't have that many but they are trying to hold a spot for Chris.  They want to see what he is going to do.  A lot of other players are waiting to see which direction he's going to go in before they commit."

Sam Webb:  What's next?  Where else are you guys going to go?

Eric Bryant:  "We're going to sit back and talk a little bit first before we make some commitments.  He hasn't done any official visits yet, so we want to sit down and talk about possible official visits and then we will more or less make a decision after that."

Sam Webb:  Is distance going to be a factor for you?

Eric Bryant:  "Distance is not truly a factor.  We'll travel anywhere. We just want to get what is the best for him.  If the best for him is that he has to go across country, then that is what it has got to be.  I don't want it to be him going to school just because, decided by us."

Sam Webb:  Would it be a positive factor for it to be closer... not saying it would be a deciding factor... but would it be a positive?

Eric Bryant:  "It is definite positive factor if he is closer because we have a huge family.  You can't even imagine… we could fill up half the stadium with our family.   Again, that is not the determining factor, but if he could go close, he would definitely look up and see the family supporting him"

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan, what are the schools that you guys are going to look at seriously here?

Eric Bryant:  "Stanford, because they got great academics.  We trying to see where they fit with the academics and football.   Arizona and Illinois... they're still in the mix... they nice down there.  So that is probably it right now."

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