Full Transcript: Stonum on the Receivers

Daryl Stonum talks about his big plays Saturday and about the development of the wideout unit.

Question: Can you describe the long play what you saw when you broke free.

Daryl Stonum: "On that play I'm usually on the backside. If the D-end comes up field too much on the running back, and I guess that's what happened … I saw Shoelace (Denard Robinson) turn his head, I knew I was getting an outlet pass and the linemen did a great job of getting kick out blocks. The Y, Kelvin Grady did a good job of blocking the corner and I just hit the alley and that's what I tried to do and it worked."

Question: How did the offense feel on the sideline in the fourth quarter watching the defense be out there, feel helpless?

Daryl Stonum: "It kind of goes as a team. We felt like they carried us last week. It kind of goes, that's the whole point of being a team. The defense will make their corrections just like we will and we'll come back next week ready to play."

Question: Did you feel a little sluggish coming out of the gate as an offense not able to move the ball?

Daryl Stonum: "I felt like we came out a little sluggish, but we picked it up and we ended up executing it pretty well. We made some mistakes and we'll correct those in practice this week, but for the most part, I think we did a great job executing."

Question: Have you ever scored two touchdowns like that?

Daryl Stonum: "In high school, but not in college."

Question: Did you think you would need that many points to win the game?

Daryl Stonum: "You never know. We watched film on UMASS and they were a great team. With all the upsets this year with division I teams against AA schools, we had to come out and play as hard as we could and they gave us a run for our money. Props to them, they did a great job. Their coaching staff was preparing for this game. They gave us a run for our money, so they did a great job."

Question: What was the offense saying to each other when you were down 17-7?

Daryl Stonum: "We kept our composure. Denard did a great job of keeping everybody calm, poised. We knew that we were shooting ourselves in the foot in not executing. We know that if we just go out there, follow the game plan, execute, do what our coaches tell us to do, the plays would start clicking and that's what happened."

Question: You had a long pass down the sideline, did he just not pay attention to where the ball was?

Daryl Stonum: "We practice that every week. Denard fakes out a sprint out and we knew all week that the whole defense was going to key to his running. It was a fake sprint out, he stops and throws the ball back to me streaking down the sideline and my job is to run past the cornerback. All I did was try to run past him, get up, and Denard did a great job of throwing it out there, and coming up with the catch."

Question: Talk about his improvement on throwing that pass and putting it where it needs to be from last year.

Daryl Stonum: "His accuracy, just being a complete pocket passer. He knows when to step up into the pocket and make the right throws. He's doing better in his reads and his accuracy has gotten a lot better. He knows where to throw the ball, coming out of breaks, he puts the ball where you can run away from the defense and he's doing a great job of doing all that. So Denard has improved a lot."

Question: Have you personally been looking for a breakthrough game?

Daryl Stonum: "With all the talent that we have at receiver, you never know who is going to be the hot hand for the week. The coaches developed trust in me during camp. They put me at X and that's all I tried to do this off season was try to convince them that I could be one of the player maker guys that we have, myself, Roy (Roundtree), all the receivers that we have, that they could develop trust in all of us."

Question: Do you guys joke with each other about who is going to be the guy in the next day?

Daryl Stonum: "Yeah, me and Roy joked around on the sideline. He was kind of the guy last week and I got the nod this week, so we'll see who gets it next week."

Question: What did you say after you had a bunch of catches?

Daryl Stonum: "I told him that I would never get caught."

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