A Clear #1 for Diamond

Chicago (IL) Simeon offensive lineman Jordan Diamond got his first glimpse of his childhood favorite Saturday. After taking in the gameday atmosphere it was clear that the class of 2012 standout was blown away by the experience.

Sam Webb:  You told me in the past that you grew up a Michigan fan.  So what did you think of it today?

Jordan Diamond:  "It was a phenomenal experience for me.  I got a chance to see my favorite team play live.  It was pretty good."

Sam Webb:  Did this enhance your view of the Wolverines today?

Jordan Diamond:  "I finally seen nd it live is one of a kind."

Sam Webb:  Have you been to any other games at any other schools yet?

Jordan Diamond:  "No this was my first college division I.  I was blown away."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to see how you might fit in out there?

Jordan Diamond:  "Yeah.  I feel myself comfortable at this school.  I watched Coach Frey from the sideline and he was handling his guys pretty good."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to the coaching staff a great deal; what did they say to you?

Jordan Diamond:  "Yeah. They said I'm going to be receiving an offer."

Sam Webb:  Really?

Jordan Diamond:  "Yeah, the first day of my senior year."

Sam Webb:  How did that make you feel?

Jordan Diamond:  "Excited.  It makes me want to be a better person and better athlete to be mentioned at a school like Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Your personal time with Coach Rodriguez and your personal time with Coach Frey; what are your impressions of those two guys?

Jordan Diamond:  "Phenomenal coaches.  They are like family members.  It is like my second family.  That's what I'm looking for.  I'm looking for a second family and second home to go to and I think those guys are those guys."

Sam Webb:  Where does Michigan stand on your list; your favorite school, been here on a visit, coaching you showing you love; where does that put them with you?

Jordan Diamond:  "Most definitely my favorite school."

Sam Webb:Are you going to make it back for any other games?

Jordan Diamond:  "Yeah.  I'm going to try and make it down with Chris Bryant, get another game in."

Sam Webb:  How big will it be for you if Chris were to go to Michigan?

Jordan Diamond:  "It would enhance my decision."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline of when you want to make your decision?  

Jordan Diamond:  "I'll probably do it after my senior season, everything slows down.  I'll do my homework on all the schools that I plan on going to."

Sam Webb:  Just give me a few of the other schools that you looking at right now.

Jordan Diamond:  "Ohio State, Arizona, LSU and Oregon."

Sam Webb:  How has the season been going for you so far?

Jordan Diamond:  "Dominant season.  We're all balling.  Chris Bryant, he is a phenomenal athlete. We got a couple of young guys on the line this year and they doing there thing too."

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