Full Transcript: O and D, Omameh and C-Gordon

Two young players talk about the Michigan offense and the defense: OG Patrick Omameh and Safety Cameron Gordon.

Patrick Omameh:

Question: Was it a relief for the offensive line to get somebody on the ground other than Denard (Robinson)?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah it is something that did cross our mind, the fact that our quarterback was the one who was carrying the ball more than anybody else. We knew we didn't want him carrying the ball 30 times a game every game, so I think it was real nice to get the ball into some other players hands this week and see what they can do and what we got going forward."

Question: How much pride do you take in the downfield blocking? I see in some of these long runs that you are 30-40 yards downfield.

Patrick Omameh: "We got some pretty athletic offensive lineman. If you get the opportunity, we like to showcase what we can do to get downfield and make a block and spring the play. It could be a long play that is cut short by a safety, but the running back can be sprung because we get downfield and make that block."

Question: Can you talk a little bit about Taylor Lewan's play?

Patrick Omameh: "He got in the game I think the second or third quarter. Obviously, on the field I wasn't able to see much of what he does doing, but I watched the whole game yesterday and he seemed to have a pretty good game. We knew that he was capable coming in and he has been doing well in practice as has some other lineman who have not had a chance to show it on the field yet. It was good to see, like I said, with other ball carriers to see what we got going for it."

Question: You surprised at all with all the big plays that the offense has put up so far this year or do you expect that?

Patrick Omameh: "I knew we had playmakers, it was just a matter of us getting the ball into the playmakers hands and setting up opportunities for them through our blocking. The offensive line blocking is improved. The receiver blocking has improved and all around, the offense is just clicking. I guess it is something that we have to expect."

Question: Do you see as a unit that the offensive line is coming together more and more each week?

Patrick Omameh: "Oh yeah. I feel we really are. It helps that the line is pretty experienced, the group that we have in there. The only player that hadn't played for a while coming into the camp was David Molk because he was out most of last season and all of spring ball. He jumped right in there and he is the vocal leader and the center is always a leader position on the line, and everything is always clicking when we got him making the right calls and everybody is working together and communicating."

Question: The offense is clicking. Is there room for growth in the future, is there more to come?

Patrick Omameh: "Oh yeah, there is absolutely more to come. The offense is clicking and we're still not playing up to our full potential and capability; we are doing some things now, but we capable of doing so much more. I guess there is more to be excited about going forward."

Question: How do you feel about your progress through the first three weeks getting comfortable with the offense?

Patrick Omameh: "I'm getting more and more comfortable with the offense as each goes along. Getting to work with, like I said with David Molk these last few weeks since camp started and it helps having him there. It helps having people with experience on both sides of you and just keep on progressing. I feel like the whole offensive line is going to continue to progress throughout the season."

Question: When you guys called a play where Denard has the opportunity to hand it off, run it or find an open receiver, how do you see the defense react. Do they get frustrated?

Patrick Omameh: "Defenses do tend to play differently when we have a quarterback like Denard in the game. For instance, on pass rushes, the defensive ends are more to contain rushers, trying to keep him in the pocket as opposed to all out trying to get to the quarterback and give him a seam. Denard is real good at making his reads this year, so he is pretty dangerous whether he is keeping it for himself, giving it or passing it."


Cameron Gordon

Question: Can you talk about what you were thinking when you got the interception and than the fumble, the range of emotions.

Cameron Gordon: "I was to say the first thing I was thinking is YES I finally got one. But I was just trying to make something happen. Sometimes you don't want to do too much and that's one thing that I learned from that whole experience, the first interception. I should have just thought about the other side of the ball, me playing offense and receiver, high and tight. That was a lessoned learned."

Question: Talk about how determined and focused you guys will be this week to play much better (too much background noise) on the scoreboard?

Cameron Gordon: "I feel we're going to be very focused, very determined. It is not only because we are playing Bowling Green and it is the next team that is after UMASS, but the last game was a reality check. It was a reality check for many games to come. Of course, it is a good thing that we still got the win. It is a good thing that happened and we still could get the win, so that's good."

Question: Is there anything that kind of surprised you or were not necessarily ready for, having not played before?

Cameron Gordon: "I would have to say at this level, there's small room for error. It is a very small room and the other team prepared good and made sure they noticed. I noticed that you have to prepare even better. It is not like high school at all."

Question: How is your transition going to safety so far and how do you feel that you've done?

Cameron Gordon: "It is going good. Still a lot of room for improvement. One of our trainers in the training room, Paul Schmidt, said something great that stood out. He said, ‘What is the best room in the house? That's room for improvement'. That's what I'm trying to work on, just improving."

Question: How much does the offense have to score to make up for the defense? Do you guys kind of rally around that?

Cameron Gordon: "Oh yeah. Of course, when the offense does their part, we want to do our as a defense. We still not as good as we need to be or want to be. The offense, of course they have things that they have to work on too. As a defense, we need to work on things too, even more than the offense. That's why we're only in the third game going into the fourth."

Question: Why did you choose to go to Michigan?

Cameron Gordon: "I love it here. Growing to become a man, you face a lot of adversity and it seems like I am dealing with it pretty good and I talk to my family members about it and they say just stay in there, hang in there and that's one of the things that I learned that Michigan is about. It is about working hard and standing and fight. I love it here."

Question: In practice, you have to defend the threat against receivers like Daryl Stonum in particular; what does he bring to the table as kind of a big threat wide receiver and do you guys see that in practice?

Cameron Gordon: "Yeah I see it with all our receivers. Sometimes going over the scouting report for the other team, of course they put us in position of things that are going to happen into the game, Roy Roundtree pushing up the field. That's a situation that happened in the game and that's what our coaches try to present to us. That's pretty good."

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