Full Transcript: O and D, Stonum and Roh

Daryl Stonum on the success of the Michigan receivers; Craig Roh on the shortcomings of the Wolverine Defense.

Daryl Stonum

Question: Can you talk about what it meant to make those big plays on Saturday?

Daryl Stonum: "I just felt like it was a momentum changer. I saw that we was kind of struggling in our offense. We started off a little sluggish and we started executing later on in the game, but I felt like that was a big boost to kind of get us going and get us over the hump."

Question: Are those the kind of plays you always want to make since you came here?

Daryl Stonum: "Yeah those are the plays you always dream of making. Two touchdowns in 45 seconds is quite the dream. It was a fun experience."

Question: When you were in high school was that kind of your thing to make the big 50 or 60-yard touchdowns?

Daryl Stonum: "Kind of like that. I was always the big play guy in high school. I was always the deep threat guy in high school. I always wanted to get that transitioned over to Michigan and college. I think I showed a lot of people, along with my coaching staff and my teammates that I can be a deep threat, big play guy."

Question: In the last couple of years Michigan really hasn't had a deep threat, do you think you're at a position now where you can become that kind of player with Michigan?

Daryl Stonum: "I think I'm at that position. I think we all are. This is our third year in the offense. As you see with Denard (Robinson), he is coming along real well. He threw a great deep ball and he threw it right on the money. So it is not just myself that coming along and proving that I'm the deep guy but it is like the offense as a whole. This is our third year, we all know and we comfortable, it is not like we just thinking on the field. We can just go out there and play fast and execute."

Question: Do you find yourself shaking your head sometimes, you just mentioned about Denard throwing the deep ball, where he came from, from last fall to where he is now?

Daryl Stonum: "Yeah. It is a complete turnaround. He is a completely different player. We knew that he had the potential, but Denard worked hard in the offseason and it is paying dividends now."

Question: Improving leadership is that something that you've done things to try and enhance things to try and enhance that in yourself to improve that because you guys don't have any senior outside receivers.

Daryl Stonum: "I try to lead by example most of the time. I'm not really a vocal screaming, yelling in the huddle type guy. I'm more of a leader by example. I try to lead by my work ethic in practice and on the field. Me being one of the oldest guys in the receiving room, I feel like a lot of the younger guys look up to that work ethic and they look up to me. I always try to work as hard as I can in the weight room, going to class and on the field and try to lead by example."


Craig Roh

Question: It looked like after the game, you didn't have great comments about the defense. A day or two later, are you celebrating more about it or are you still frustrated about it?

Craig Roh: "I was definitely frustrated. I'm frustrated now and I was frustrated then. You just cannot do anything about it now. I feel like this defense is going to do going forward; we're going to prepare even better than we did last week. We're going to be more hungry this week."

Question: What do you pinpoint the struggles to last week and I guess overall for the entire season?

Craig Roh: "Well, I thought the first two games our defense played very well, but this last game, the struggle…looking at the tape, we just didn't tackle well. They threw some stuff at us schematically that kind of frazzled us a little bit. We're going to get in there and correct."

Question: Rich Rodriguez said after the game, we're not good enough to not play with great intensity and intelligence and just get by.

Craig Roh: "I think tackling comes with a…you kind of have a certain persona, saying that you're going to take down this guy. I really did think that every guy came in with that persona, but it just didn't happen for whatever reason."

Question: Were you one that had issues with tackling?

Craig Roh: "I would think so from the tape."

Question: You guys wear down at all in the fourth quarter? You were out there on the field for a long time.

Craig Roh: "No. With our training with Mike Barwis, we don't get very tired ever."

Question: You said from the tape that you were maybe someone with issues with tackling, did it feel like that during the game that you were struggling?

Craig Roh: "It was just very frustrating because we would hit guys in the backfield or hit them and they would get what would be a five yard gain would turn into a ten yard gain and then the first down. It is just frustrating someone making more yards than they should."

Question: Are you more comfortable with the five technique or defensive end, linebacker, does it make any difference to you at all?

Craig Roh: "I love all of it. It is all great. I played five technique in high school and just playing linebacker this year and last year, it has been great."

Question: Was last game maybe a wakeup call for you guys?

Craig Roh: "I would say like a mini wakeup call. I think our defense and our seniors have been doing very well of getting us prepared and getting us ready to play all these games. Obviously, last Saturday, it wasn't good enough. We are going to come even hungry and prepare even better."

Question: Did you talk to Taylor Lewan at all about how he felt being out there?

Craig Roh: "Yeah I did. I guess he did pretty good. I'm really glad for him. We've been buddies since our senior year in high school."

Question: What do you see against him in practice?

Craig Roh: "He is finding a happy medium between being aggressive and holding a lot (laughter). In the Big Ten, you can edge on that kind of aggressive line. He is just one of the most aggressive guys on the team. If he gets a hold of you, he is not letting go."

Question: Can you talk about Mike Martin and his role as a leader on the defense.

Craig Roh: "Mike Martin is just an animal out there. He is the stronger person I've ever seen in the weight room and it is really showing on the field. He is taking on double teams. I think the play he sacked the quarterback, he beat a double team and sacked him, which is stupid."

Question: It's easy to get up for games against UCONN and Notre Dame. Is it tougher to get up for a game like Bowling Green though?

Craig Roh: "No. All these games we take it one-step at time. We are never looking ahead of a team and from our performance this past Saturday. This team is definitely going to get up for this game. We're going to try and do our best this game."

Question: Of all the things that could be frustration on your side of the ball is giving up the amount of rushing yards that you guys are one of the worst?

Craig Roh: "Coming into the season I think a lot of people didn't think we could have a good rush defense. I guess that is a frustration. Any time they get first downs or anything like that is a frustration. We want to be the best defense that we can be and what showed this Saturday wasn't our best."

Question: Is that motivation for you to prove them wrong?

Craig Roh: "Yeah. The offense really helped us out this past Saturday. That's why it is a team. Some days the defense is going to help the offense. Some days the offense is going to help the defense. I'm just really glad that we have a great offense that can put points on the board."

Question: On game day, how big of a factor are the fans in the home field, do you feel that?

Craig Roh: "Yeah. The feelings are a huge factor, especially if you get rolling early and the fans are right behind you making noise. During the UCONN game, I literally could not hear Obi (Ezeh) and he was like a foot from me. That is definitely a factor when you're trying to check a play or something."

Question: Do you like playing standing up or with your hand on the ground?

Craig Roh: "I like pass rushing with my hand on the ground, standing up for everything else."

Question: What type of music do you listen to get up pumped up?

Craig Roh: "I try not to get too pumped up before games. I usually read my bible a little bit and look over the play sheet. I don't listen to too much music."

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