Jordan Kovacs on the Defense going into BGSU

Safety Jordan Kovacs talks about the defense playing better this weekend against Bowling Green.

Question: Is playing Bowling Green kind of like playing Toledo; what is that like for you?

Jordan Kovacs: "Yeah … just being a hometown guy, it is going to be a different experience finally being able to play BG. I'm looking forward to it."

Question: What is the mindset of the defense right now? I know you are happy with the win on Saturday but a little upset with how the game ended.

Jordan Kovacs: "Obviously, we are not satisfied with the way that we played defensive, but like you said, we did get the win. We did struggle, but it is nice that we do get that with the win. It is nice that you get that early in the season and it is pretty clear that there are a lot of things that we have got to correct and we're just looking forward to getting back after it on Saturday and making some corrections."

Question: Do you think the defensive troubles were just a one-game thing?

Jordan Kovacs: "I expect it to be a one game slip up. I'm sure we're going to make our corrections. The coaches won't let that slide again. I expect the same out of the defense."

Question: Does it feel different than last year's struggles?

Jordan Kovacs: "Definitely. We're past last year. We're just looking forward. Obviously, we did struggle, but we're going to make our corrections and I don't think it is going to take too much. I think they are pretty simple things. I think basically what it comes down to is some technical errors and people not understanding their assignment, but it is something that is not too difficult to correct."

Question: Do you feel sometimes that you guys were pretty soft in the zone coverage, were you guys just kind of hesitant after giving up a couple of pretty big plays against Notre Dame; what was that?

Jordan Kovacs: "That could be the case that players were hesitant after giving up a few big plays to Notre Dame. Maybe guys are just inexperienced and aren't feeling comfortable in their zones yet, but I expect it will change. We're a young, very young defense, and I expect us to get better drastically every game and I think that is what will happen."

Question: Other than coaches any of the players vocal about their disappointment the other day?

Jordan Kovacs: "Yeah I think we're pretty disappointed. Obi (Ezeh) and Jonas (Mouton), obviously they are our senior leaders on defense and they were pretty upset and they said a few things in the locker room afterwards and Craig Roh as well. Their looking forward to the week just as much as I am."

Question: Did guys feel a little bit tired by the end of the fourth quarter?

Jordan Kovacs: "Time of possession is a pretty big statistic. I think that if you can control the ball you can wear out a defense and maybe we were getting worn out. We didn't do our job of getting ourselves off the field. I think our offense did a great job of keeping us off there as long as they could, but we kind of got to pick up the slack defensively and get ourselves off the field."

Question: Are you friends with Bryan Wright at all and what is it like going against somebody was on the team?

Jordan Kovacs: "It is going to be weird. Bryan Wright, I know him really well and he's a good kicker. It'll be interesting to see him in the Big House on the other sideline."

Question: Do you guys keep in touch at all?

Jordan Kovacs: "A little bit."

Question: Is there any trash talking going on with text messaging?

Jordan Kovacs: "Not yet, maybe I'll send him some."

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