Full Transcript Postgame: Tate Forcier

Tate Forcier talks about sitting on the bench and being ready when called ...

Question: Can you talk about how good it felt to be out on the field again?

Tate Forcier: "Man it felt great. I've been waiting for it and Coach Rod has been telling to be patient and stay ready and I stayed ready. My number was called and I went out there."

Question: Can you compare to the way you felt going out today with the way you felt going out the first year last year?

Tate Forcier: "It felt almost like my first start again. Just getting there and playing felt so good. Just to hear the crowd and I got to thank the crowd; they're part of it. The coaches did a great job of preparing me and I feel like I played pretty good today."

Question: Speaking of the crowd, it looked like you got a pretty warm reception when you came out; did you hear that?

Tate Forcier: "Yes, of course I heard that. I was focused but how could you not. The crowd was so loud and they were loud when in and I was happy."

Question: On the support he received from the crowd…

Tate Forcier: "The crowd always motivates you, because you just want to keep hearing that. We were having a lot of success while I was out there so got to hear the crowd a lot and it felt good just to be back out there again."

Question: It looked like you were limping a little bit?

Tate Forcier: "Yeah I got hit. I'm alright, nothing serious. I feel fine, probably another day or so I will be good."

Question: Even when Devin (Gardner) went in there did you know you were going to get a chance to play?

Tate Forcier: "Yes. Coach Rod, just said stay ready. Usually when he says stay ready, it means you might get in there."

Question: Where do you go from here now, Denard (Robinson) is healthy….?

Tate Forcier: "Just like Coach Rod said, stay ready. You never know when your number is going to be called. The Big Ten is a big conference, a rough conference and it starts up next week and we got to be prepared."

Question: Where you aware that you were 12 for 12 and set a record?

Tate Forcier: "That's what I heard. Still some improvement from there. I still had a read or two that I could have made a bigger play, but we won and I'm happy."

Question: Even though you hear stay ready, how hard is it to wait when you are so accustomed to playing more than….?

Tate Forcier: "It is real hard, but Denard got asked that same question a lot last year when I was the guy. I think it is part of this offense. This offense needs two maybe three quarterbacks and Devin is good enough to be our quarterback too. I feel like were all good enough to play and I think that the coaches will make the decision."

Question: Did you feel rusty at all having not played in a game for a while?

Tate Forcier: "Actually I didn't. I thought I would but I did not. I got out there. I studied a lot of film this week and it was easy for me out there and I really felt the game slow down for me a lot, so it was nice."

Question: You mentioned it was real hard to sit, can you describe how hard? There were reports or indications right or wrong that maybe you maybe you necessarily didn't want to stay here; was that all wrong?

Tate Forcier: "A lot of people said I'm not staying here, but I'm here and doing this interview in front of you guys. I love Michigan. I love everything about it. I'm not going to leave, not a chance. I love Coach Rod. I love these fans. I love Michigan football."

Question: Did today show you maybe how much you love Michigan just because of the reception you got?

Tate Forcier: "Yeah. It was such a great feeling just to be back out there and that crowd. I think we got the best crowd in the country. We got to keep them happy."

Question: Obviously Bowling Green is not rated as one of the better defensive teams, but do you think that this is something that you guys can continue once you hit the Big Ten play?

Tate Forcier: "You have to treat every team no different than any other team. College football has shown that, Appalachian State came in here a few years ago. You got to treat every game just like you are playing against Ohio State. I think we should be able to play like that every week. It is the spread offense and in this offense somebody should always be open. So I think we should have a lot of success this year."

Question: Even if Denard is able to play next week, is going out there and being 12 for 12, does that change how you feel?

Tate Forcier: "I'm still going to let…Coach Rod is the coach. I'm going to let them make the decisions and if they decide to go with him and play with him, I'll be right there ready."

Question: On facing Indiana last year and playing again next week.

Tate Forcier: "Indiana is a good team. I'm excited to go out there and play them again. They gave us a little run for our money when they came in here last year and I'm excited. I love going to away stadiums. It is always fun having everybody against you and I'm happy to go out there."

Question: Does the final drive against Indiana from last year, kind of remind of the same feeling as you had today?

Tate Forcier: "No, it is just a great feeling just being out there. I don't feel…I feel like no games are any different. You have such a great crowd behind you, it is just so much being out there with them."

Question: Last year in the second half, you had the injury with your shoulder, how much of a different does that (couldn't understand what he was saying) healthier throwing the ball now?

Tate Forcier: "I'm healthy and as long as Denard is healthy, I'll be happy still. My shoulder did hurt last year and that is something you just got to deal. You're always going to be injured, you're never going to be 100%. You just got to play through it and we're going to play through it this year."

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