O-n-D Full Transcript: V-Smith, VanBergen

Offense and Defense Full Transcript: Vincent Smith and Ryan VanBergen talk about the BGSU game.

Ryan VanBergen

Question: Obviously, the offense was good but days like this, does it seem easy?

Vincent Smith: "No. We just come out and execute and make plays. We don't look at the opponent or how they play. We just go out to the best of our ability and we just play like a regular game."

Question: Why do you think today you guys had 700 yards of offense and everything?

Vincent Smith: "We was executing way more better. Everybody knows that. We did a lot of studying this whole week and was focused this whole entire week and we just came out and had a great game."

Question: Was this the best the offense line has played this year?

Vincent Smith: "They had an awesome game just the same. Their very consistent and they always do their job up front. They had a great game."

Question: You know what it is like to have a knee injury, did you hold your breath a little bit when Denard (Robinson) went down first?

Vincent Smith: "Yeah, yeah. Made me think a little bit about my incident when he went down. Once I went over there and checked to see if he was okay, I was good."

Question: Taylor Lewan played for most of the game, pretty consistent, were you able to tell what he is doing there that really has earned him that spot?

Vincent Smith: "He's doing an excellent job. I was talking to him about that on a couple of runs. I said, you looking pretty experienced out there and he was like, yeah, getting my feet wet."

Question: We've seen a lot of different guys making big plays every week, is that the way this offense is designed for so many explosive players?

Vincent Smith: "Yes. We always look at it, if one man falls down, the next man will step up. We'll just keep it going."

Question: Were you guys excited to see guys that had practiced all week but don't get on the field, be able to do so in a game like this?

Vincent Smith: "Like I said, once we focused, we make sure that we focused enough that if you have a chance to get into the game, you will not miss a beat."

Question: Only you and Mike (Shaw) ran the first couple of weeks at tailback, today kind of shows that (Mike) Cox and Fitz (Toussaint) can really do some stuff.

Vincent Smith: "Yeah. We have a lot of talent in the backfield. Once their number is called, we just get in and do their part."

Question: You guys have been really efficient in the red zone this season. (too far from mic)

Vincent Smith: "Yeah it is just the mindset that we got to get into the end zone, one yard in front of us. We got to get in."


Vincent Smith

Question: Were you guys a little more focused this week, make a concerted effort to make up for last week, is that accurate?

Ryan Van Bergen: "Absolutely. We try to stay away from the press clippings and stuff, but it is pretty obvious that we were the glaring weakness last week and that is nothing something that we want to be. We don't want to be the Achilles heel of this team, the defense. So I think we really circled the wagons as a unit and prepared for this game like it was a bowl game. We came in with the attitude of don't let up, play on our toes and play in their face. So I think we did a good job of that today."

Question: You guys got to the quarterback more than you had all season was that a scheme change or just this team in particular?

Ryan Van Bergen: "We had a little bit more of a scheme change. I would say that we rushed four men more often than not this game, stayed with the three-man rush in the previous games. I think it gave us an advantage. I just think persisting and keep coming after the quarterback. We had some pressure, we just didn't have any sacks. Today the sacks seemed to pile up for us."

Question: You heard the question about 4-0 last year and 4-0 this year, what is the difference?

Ryan Van Bergen: "I believe the chemistry. I think we have some guys that really want to play for each other. Like Roy (Roundtree) said. This team is very united and I think it is something that is really going to propel us through the Big Ten schedule starting next week."

Question: How important is it for you guys to have some success in the Big Ten this year?

Ryan Van Bergen: "It is very important. Michigan is noted as a powerhouse in the Big Ten and we have not lived up to that the past few years. It is something we all came here to be. We wanted to be a great Michigan team like all the ones before us. So going into the Big Ten, we're very hungry. We want to be very successful this year."

Question: How important is it to get the sack?

Ryan Van Bergen: "Sacks are really important. I think they are more pretty than they need to. As long as you have their quarterback moving their, there throws became inaccurate and he doesn't get anything behind his throw. If you sack him, it is prettier but you do not necessarily need it. As long as you are getting pressure and getting the quarterback uncomfortable that's a big goal."

Question: Do you marvel at your own offense? I mean 720 yards and 65 points is that amazing to you too?

Ryan Van Bergen: "Not really. Those guys have been in position to do that for the past year. Those guys have really gelled and come together as a unit and we know those individuals that make those plays are more than capable. So when we see them make a play, it is just something that we're used to seeing."

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