Full Transcript: Roy Roundtree has fun

Wide Receiver Roy Roundtree has as much fun with the press as he did in the game yesterday.

Question: How good is it to have a game like that were everybody feels good about themselves going into the Big Ten season?

Roy Roundtree: "It feels great. After coming through what we went through last week. We just wanted to come out here and just play how Michigan plays and today showed."

Question: Can you talk about Tate (Forcier) and just getting him back on the field. ?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. Tate got out there. He's funny. He's like I just couldn't believe like what he heard. He said he heard the crowd screaming his name, because they were surprised. When he went out there it was just regular Tate Forcier he showed."

Question: It looked like you guys didn't miss a beat with him going in there for (Denard) Robinson, but I imagine you need Denard Robinson back. ?

Roy Roundtree: "Like in practice, Coach Rodriguez always rotate them anyway. It was regular for all the offense skilled guys when they saw Tate in there. Just when Devin (Gardner) was in there too, but when Tate got in there it was just regular too."

Question: What do you think when you see Denard go down like that? ?

Roy Roundtree: "I really didn't see the play. I heard he went out of bounds and messed up something, but I'm pretty sure that he'll be back in this week coming up with some treatment on it."

Question: When you guys were 4-0 last year and you are 4-0 this year, what is difference this time around? ?

Roy Roundtree: "This is a different year. Last year was last year and everybody is playing for somebody. This got to show up in practice, go hard in practice and when it comes for next Saturday just go out there and play our hardest."

Question: The offense is really clicking today, how comfortable are you guys this year compared to last year? ?

Roy Roundtree: "This year, we are very confident whoever is the quarterback. Any time we rotate, everybody knows what they got to do, minus the (sounds like MAs) and the penalties, we just keep rolling. We very confident in this year's offense."

Question: What did you think of the defense; did you think it was improved? ?

Roy Roundtree: "The offensive guys were watching them. They showed up today. It wasn't like slacking last weekend. It showed what they did in practice. When a wide receiver catch the ball, it was like 11 hats right there. Today that's what we saw." ?

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