Full Transcript: Kelvin Grady on his Journey

What a full circuit Kelvin Grady's Michigan career has taken … Kelvin talks all about it, plus about Denard, Devin and the team's attitude at 4-0.

Question: Kelvin what went through your mind when you saw that penalty flag fly?

Kelvin Grady: "I actually smiled. (Dave) Molk does a great job. He works hard. It is one of those things, it happens, it happens. It is part of football. It is part of the game. It felt good to get in there though. They took it back, but it felt good to get in there and have an opportunity to get in there and like I said, I just smiled, looked back. No hard feelings with me or him or anything like that. I understand he works and things happen."

Question: How much more comfortable do you feel in the system now than you did last year?

Kelvin Grady: "I feel very comfortable, just to be able to know the offense front and back. I got an opportunity to play some different positions. I played three different positions throughout camp and throughout the season. I moved around a little bit. It is easy for me to pick up on things and understand what other positions are doing, which is making it easier on me. I feel a lot more comfortable."

Question: It is fair to say that you feel most comfortable at slow than the other places you were playing?

Kelvin Grady: "I wouldn't say necessary one particular spot I feel more comfortable than the other. I think I'm blessed to be able to get to them positions and learn other positions and help other people out. I'm one of those guys now that is able to get out there and help people out. I wouldn't say I was more comfortable in one. I feel comfortable playing all three, wherever I can help the team out that's what I'll play."

Question: Is there any bad blood between you guys and Indiana, remember how the game ended last year with Bill Lynch throwing a fit on the sideline?

Kelvin Grady: "No. We go into these games saying, well we going in this week and we going to work hard. We going to study film and follow it like every other game from day one. We got a common goal and that's to work hard all week, study film, study our opponent and know who we are going against and do what's best. Coach usually gets the film together for us, normal procedure. We don't have any type of chant we have against them and he doesn't speak bad about them or anything like that. We just going to go out and we going to work hard this week, study film and get ready for a good match up Saturday."

Question: The last couple of years, you guys have really struggled in Big Ten play; what about this team this year that is different, why are you guys more poised for success in the conference?

Kelvin Grady: "I think with time and patience we got some guys that are understanding their role on the team and I think that has really been the key this season. Everybody understanding what they need to do in every position. We had some guys step up, particularly Denard Robinson who is doing exceptionally well for this team. We got some other guys that have stepped up. Daryl Stonum has really stepped up this year for us; and defensively, Mike Martin. Our defensive back corps is getting better every day. We've got everybody understanding their role on the team and I think that is so important and the confidence is building because of understanding our roles. Coaching stay in confidence with us and I think that is key also. The coaches never lost his focus with us, never lost his confidence and stuck with it, what is best for us."

Question: Even if Denard is not 100% do you think 75% Shoelace is faster than most quarterbacks?

Kelvin Grady: "I think 25% Shoelace is faster than most quarterbacks (laughter). He is doing well. He is doing really well and I'm happy for him and he worked he hard. He deserves everything that has happened for him, but we got some guys that have stepped up in there. Devin Gardner and Tate (Forcier) came in and I think we got depth…it shows our depth. We got guys at every position. We have depth throughout the roster. I think that is another key point and key factor of us being successful this year."

Question: Is it hard in today's college football to have depth at quarterback because guys want to play or they transfer; how important is it for this team that you do have a guy that is a 12 game starter as your back up and then Devin Gardner?

Kelvin Grady: "It is very key. I'm kind of glad you brought that up. This game is more about patience and obviously, we have Denard that has stepped up and he is doing really well for this team, but we also got a backup quarterback that started 12 games; and we also got Devin Gardner who has came in, has prepared and he has picked up the system quite well. It is key for us and I think just having or if anything happens (knock on wood), we got two other guys that can step up and can keep everything rolling."

Question: You guys are were 1-7 in conference last year, is that a source for motivation for you guys, do you look at all and obviously wanting to improve upon that going into the conference this year?

Kelvin Grady: "Being one and seven is something obviously, we do not want to look back on, but we look into it. It fires us up a little bit, to have people out there that doubt us. We know what we have within our unit and we know how hard we worked and I just think it is something that we look at just for motivational things and build off of it. I think we've done a great job of doing so, so far."

Question: 331 yards rushing per game, is that based off of one player or what do you attribute that much success on the ground from?

Kelvin Grady: "I feel like we have weapons all over the place. We got guys that work hard. We got guys that can really play from inside out and I think it definitely helps when you have a running quarterback that can run a 3.9 forty. I think it is distributed all over. That's another key, being able to have weapons all over. One day you might have Daryl Stonum do well, (another) might (be) Tay Odoms and then you have (Roy) Roundtree, so we got guys all over that want to step up and are ready to step up at any time."

Question: How have you seen Denard handle all the accolades? Do you guys tease him a little bit about all the Heisman talk and all the stuff that has been going on.

Kelvin Grady: "Denard is really humble, a really humble kid. Sometimes, I don't think he recognizes or knows the hype that goes along with what he is doing. If anything, we joke about that. Like, I don't even think he knows that he is on TV every ten minutes. He doesn't know because he is so calm. He is just one of those humble kids who just continues to work hard and he takes everything that comes along with his success and he is such a humble kid. He is one of those kids that you like to be around, a great person and great teammate, humble and has great faith. It's all positive with him."

Question: Is that what makes him in part a good leader for this team because he doesn't seem to care about that other stuff?

Kelvin Grady: "Yeah I think that has a lot to do with it. People have a lot of respect for him that he's able to do that. Come day in and day out and still work hard and never take a day off, hurt, sick or whatever. He's coming and he is going to work hard and you know what you are going to get from him every day in practice and in games."

Question: Did you freak out a little bit when he went down?

Kelvin Grady: "Yeah but looking over and being on the sideline and seeing him and knowing him every day, I knew he would get up and he would be fine. He is doing well."

Question: Did you see his jump and bump with Devin? Did that tell you he definitely was okay?

Kelvin Grady: "Yeah I saw that and I think it shows another thing about his character. Other guys do well out there, he wants to see other guys do well. He's not a selfish person at all. For him to get out there and chest bump and be happy and trying to help out, out there with those guys, it shows a lot about him."

Question: What about your brother (Kevin Grady)?

Kelvin Grady: "He's working back home…one of those waiting for a call, he's working out. He's working on himself right now."

Question: You talked last year a lot about your journey to get back here. Can you talk about where you are now and where you are school wise?

Kelvin Grady: "Right now, I'm extremely blessed to be back with this opportunity to play with this football team, 4-0. School wise, I got an opportunity to graduate in December and head towards a Masters here with a year left of eligibility. I'm happy. I'm working hard. Like I said, just so happy to be a part of this team. Things are going really well."

Question: How did all that affect you? What you went through, being out of sports for a while.

Kelvin Grady: "It affected me. It affected me a lot but now I look back on it and it is all positive. It built my character. It built everything that I stood for and just to be able to look back and see where I was and where I am at now. I'm even more appreciated and like I said, I'm blessed and I'm taking advantage every opportunity to be out here with the guys and to be able to be in school, graduate and be able to head towards as masters, even taking some time off of school. Like I said, I'm happy to be out here and just be with the guys and have an opportunity to step on the field. I'm very humble."

Question: What was the job you were working in between?

Kelvin Grady: "It was a factory job, Amway."

Question: How long did you do that for?

Kelvin Grady: "A couple of months."

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