Daryl Stonum on the Receivers, Troy Woolfolk

Wide receiver Daryl Stonum talks about the young wide receiver corps, and about the status of his high school buddy Troy Woolfolk.

Question: You guys have 12 touchdown drives of 70 yards or more and I think six over 90 yards. What do you attribute to just being able move the football that far consistency?

Daryl Stonum: "I think it is our preparation in practice. We go over plays, over and over in practice. Coach Rod really preaches execution and if you rep as many plays as we rep in practice and as fast as we go, it becomes clockwork. I think that is what we do. We execute very well and that just goes to show how well coached we are."

Question: Is that a mindset too because most teams when they are backed up inside their own 15 yard line, inside the ten, they kind of look at it like they are trying to get field position here?

Daryl Stonum: "I think it is kind of our mindset. We feel like if we execute, we can move the ball no matter where we are. From the one, the 20, wherever we are on the field, we feel like if we execute we can score at any time."

Question: Can you talk a little bit about Kelvin's (Grady) development at slot and just what you've seen from him since he has come to the team?

Daryl Stonum: "Kelvin's done a great job. Ever since he came over here from basketball, not only on the field but in the weight room as well. He put on a lot of muscle. He got a lot bigger. He devoted himself to the weight room and I think it is kind of showing out there. He is out there not only catching the ball well but he is blocking those big linebackers well. He's doing everything he is asked to do very well."

Question: How much more comfortable do you think he is then he was maybe last year?

Daryl Stonum: "I think he is a lot more comfortable, as well as all of us. This is most people's third, second year in the offense and we kind of got a grasp on what we're supposed to do and I think he is finding starting to get it and starting to click and he is knowing his assignment and it is showing. He is playing very well."

Question: How much fun is it to play in this offense with all the big plays and everybody contributing?

Daryl Stonum: "It's a lot of fun. You never know where the ball is going to come out at any time. Like I said, I had the big game last week and Roy (Roundtree) came back and had another good game this week. You never know who is going to be the one to have the big game and it is fun because everyone runs their routes as hard as possible and on any route anyone can get the ball."

Question: How much do you know about other receivers in the Big Ten? Do you know what Indiana has in three pretty good guys?

Daryl Stonum: "No. We have not watched any film, offensively or defensively yet. We'll start that today. I'm pretty sure that Indiana is a great team and they are going to be a great team for us to play this week."

Question: Last year in conference, you went 1 and 7, do you guys bring that up at all? Is that motivation for going into this year starting the Big Ten?

Daryl Stonum: "It is a little motivation for us to keep working. Today in the weight room, we brought that up today. Last year, we were four and oh and this year we are four and oh. The record last year, we can't get our heads big right now. Like Coach Rod said, you can't swallow the poison. You got to keep your head down, keep grinding and keep focused. I think that what we're going to try and do this year."

Question: What is difference about this team? What makes you guys more poised for success in conference this year?

Daryl Stonum: "Not only do we return a lot of starters, like I said it is a lot of guys third year in the offense. We are real comfortable in the offense. I think we're just together as a team. Everyone, it is a family atmosphere in the locker room. Everyone is laughing and joking. We're all joking and calm around each other and this is just like when you going out there to play, you just having fun. It is a lot less stressful. You just going out there and playing and having fun."

Question: Have you been keeping up with Troy (Woolfolk)? What's his mindset, kind of where he's at?

Daryl Stonum: "Troy's happy. He's always pretty happy on morphine (laughter). He has his head right. Troy is trying to walk. He's trying to do everything. He just wants to get back out there with us. He wants to get back out there with us so bad. He should be walking sometime soon. Other than that, he is happy that we're doing good. He's always yelling and screaming and cheering just like a fan. As soon as he can get back on the sideline, I'm sure he will be there."

Question: Does he come to practice?

Daryl Stonum: "Yeah he drives around a little cart at practice and distracts everybody…naw….yeah Troy is at practice. He's real hungry to get back out there with us."

Question: After scoring 65 points and putting up 730 yards of offense, do you guys have any single game goals that you want to accomplish? Do you want to score 70 points in a game or get 800 yards; what do you think this offense can do?

Daryl Stonum: "I think there is no limits when we execute. There are no limits to this offense. Obviously, we always just wanted to get the win; however it will come, but this is a fast paced offense. It is an explosive offense and that's what I think people are starting to see now."

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