Wolverines will get visit from Barnes

The last time GBW talked to Philly DE Deion Barnes, he was in Ann Arbor for the Michigan spring game. In this update, Barnes talked his visit plans, top schools, and more.

Eugene Hankerson: How is your season going at Philadelphia Northeast?

Deion Barnes: "It okay. Were 2-2 so far in league play."

Eugene Hankerson: What about yourself, any stats to report?

Deion Barnes: "Yeah, I got between 30-40 tackles. I have 8 tackles for loss and 5 sacks."

Eugene Hankerson: I heard you made it up to Penn State for a visit last weekend. How did that go?

Deion Barnes: "It was cool. It was an amazing experience to see my first college game. I've never seen anything like that before."

Eugene Hankerson: Do you have any more visits planned?

Deion Barnes: "Nah, this was really a last minute thing because I knew somebody that was going up there (Penn State)."

Eugene Hankerson: You recently narrowed down your list; can you give me your top five as well as your thoughts on each school?

Deion Barnes: "My top five schools are Penn State, Pitt, Georgia, South Carolina, and Michigan. Those five will get official visits."

Penn State - Coach Larry Johnson has a impressive track record in developing defensive ends.

Pittsburgh - They always have pass rushers that are no name guys. I don't mean that in a bad way. If they can develop those players, just think of what they could do with me.

Georgia - They do things a little differently with there with the 3-4 scheme.

South Carolina – They always have a good defense.

Michigan – They are running a new defense, I know I could play there.

Eugene Hankerson: How are things between you and Michigan?

Deion Barnes: "Everything is good. I have a good relationship with Coach Braithwaite. He calls and checks on me, ask about how my games and season are going."

Eugene Hankerson: Have you had a chance to watch any Michigan games this season?

Deion Barnes: "I catch all the highlights so I know they're doing good this year. A lot of kids come to school telling me about Michigan. They talk about what Shoelace (Denard Robinson) did and how Stokes is doing since he's from here."

Eugene Hankerson: When you take your official visit to Michigan, is there anything you'll be looking to see that you didn't experience on your previous trip?

Deion Barnes: "Nah, I just want to experience the fanfare and have fun."

Eugene Hankerson: Do you know when you'll announce your decision? Will you announce during the Chesapeake Bowl?

Deion Barnes: "After my season is over, I'll take my five visits. I'll announce my decision in January."

Eugene Hankerson: What are the factors that will go into your decision?

Deion Barnes: "I just want to find a place a like. I just want to be comfortable. Playing time is another factor."

Deion Barnes has an 1100 SAT and 2.7 gpa.

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