Offer on the Way for Dorsey-Walker?

Detroit (MI) Pershing G Sherron Dorsey-Walker was one of the prominent basketball visitors on Michigan's campus last weekend. Lately the class of 2012 standout has been on the receiving end of more and more attention from the Wolverines. Is a scholarship offer in the works?

Sam Webb:   I see you made it back to Ann Arbor for another visit last weekend. Was that your first Michigan football game?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah that is my first ever Michigan game, ever football game."

Sam Webb:   What did you think?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "It was great.  It was good to go to see a good team.  I saw Denard Robinson on TV before, but it was good to see him (in person)."

Sam Webb:   Did they have a tailgate or anything before the game?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah they had a tailgate before the game, but I couldn't make it.  I had made it earlier enough to get to the game and stuff."

Sam Webb:   Who did you go up with?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Me and my uncle."

Sam Webb:   What did your uncle think of everything?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "He thinks it was great.  He used to play basketball.  He went to McNeese State.  He plays overseas right now."

Sam Webb:   So if you had to rate your Michigan visit on a scale of one to ten with one being low and ten being high, where would you rate it?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "11."

Sam Webb:   Any plans to come back to another game any time soon?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "The Michigan-Michigan State weekend."

Sam Webb:   It seems like Michigan has been showing you a whole lot more love here lately.  Have they come out to your school any more since the last time we spoke?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah.  Coach Beilein was there, yesterday… Tuesday."

Sam Webb:   Have they talked to you at all about where they are with regards to a possible scholarship offer?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I talked to Coach Beilein after the game and he is very close to offering me, but he has to settle down with the coaches and see do they want to bring in a big or a guard from 2012.  He said if they decide to bring in a guard, he could bring in me, first one to get an offer."

Sam Webb:   Did you get a chance to talk to or hang out with any of the recruits that was there?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Carlton Brundidge."

Sam Webb:   Do you know Carlton very well?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "No I just met him, but I played against him a couple of times in scrimmages and stuff."

Sam Webb:   How did that work out?  Who got the best of who in that match up?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I don't know… it was a tie (laughter)."

Sam Webb:   You've been up to Michigan a few times now, and they've obviously been out to see you.  Have your feelings about them changed as a result?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "It gets better every time.  I build a better relationship with Coach Beilein, Bacari (Alexander) and all of them.  I can build a better relationship with everybody."

Sam Webb:   What were your thoughts about Coach Beilein before you start sort of got to know him, and what are your feelings about Coach Beilein now?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "At first, I didn't know nothing about him.  I just knew he was the Michigan coach.  I didn't know that he was a great guy, but after that I just knew he was a great guy.  He likes kids.  Now he wants somebody in the city.  I would be one of the city guys to come up to Michigan."

Sam Webb:   I know if Michigan is turning up the heat on you, there have got to be others that are doing the same. 

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Today Western and Central (Michigan) was in for our workouts.  Indiana has been coming up.  Purdue came up.  Dayton, they've been on me for the whole summer."

Sam Webb:   I remember when we talked before that Dayton has been showing you all kinds of love.  Are any of those schools telling you they want you to make a decision soon?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Yeah they taking it easy.  They just go by what I say.  I really don't have no timetable, so they are not pressing me to commit or nothing like that."

Sam Webb:   Who do you want to hear from that you not hearing from right now?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "Really nobody."

Sam Webb:   Let's pretend for a moment that you received all the offers that you wanted tomorrow, what would your timeline look like at that point?  When would you want to make a decision?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I don't know, probably a couple of months afterwards, to weeks.  I would just have to talk it over with my family."

Sam Webb:   Who are the people that you relying on to help you make that decision?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "(Detroit Pershing) Coach Canada, my uncle, my dad, and my mom."

Sam Webb:   What are they saying to you are the important things for you to look for?  Do you want you to be close to home?  Is it about academics?  Is it about style of play?  What are they telling you to look for?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "They just tell me to look for a good academic school and where I can help the school and the school can help me."

Sam Webb:   What are your grades like?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "I've got a 3.8."

Sam Webb:   Do you have a favorite right now?  Is there a school that is sticking out more than the rest for you right now?

Sherron Dorsey-Walker:  "No not right now.  They're all good to me."

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