Duggan Down to Four

Only four schools are left standing in the recruitment of Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier LB Sean Duggan. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the versatile youngster recently to get his thoughts on each program, the most significant factors in his choice, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:   How has the season been going for you guys collectively and then for you individually?

Sean Duggan:  "Collectively, we are playing well.  We lost our first game to Good Counsel.  We made a lot of mistakes.  You cannot turn the ball over six times and expect to win a game.  We were right there at the end.  We had won three in a row.  We're starting to put things together.  We lost last week to a league rival, but they are really good football team.  We'll probably see them in the playoffs.  We kind of shot ourselves in the foot last week too.  A lot of dumb penalties, a lot of mistakes, little thing, like not filling the right gap and stuff like that.  We're putting it together, offensively and defensively.  I think we are starting to find an identity.  I think defensively we're hard hitting.  We are a very physical defense and I think offensively we are the same way.  We try to wear you down.  Personally, I've been doing pretty good.  I think I kind of started out a little slow because I moved to inside linebacker, which I'm not a natural inside linebacker, but I played a lot the last couple of weeks and I've kind of started to find my role in the defense.  I've picked it up a little bit, but I can still get better."

Sam Webb:   At this point, what are you up to height and weight wise?

Sean Duggan:  "I'm about 6'4", 220."

Sam Webb:   As far as recruiting goes, what are the remaining schools on your list?

Sean Duggan:  "Boston College, Michigan, Duke and Virginia."

Sam Webb:   What about Wisconsin?

Sean Duggan:  "Wisconsin, I talked to them the other week.  I was going to take my official the weekend of the Minnesota game, but it turned out that they are really tight on scholarships and they said they don't think they can hand one out to a linebacker right now." 

Sam Webb:   You've been to Michigan and you've been to Boston College before.  Have you set up official visits to those schools yet?

Sean Duggan:  "I am going up to Boston College for the weekend of the weekend of Clemson.  For Michigan, we kind of talked about either first weekend of December or the second weekend because my state championship game is the first weekend. So hopefully it is the second weekend that I'm open."

Sam Webb:   Have you been to Duke or Virginia?

Sean Duggan:  "Yeah I've been to both of them."

Sam Webb:   So you've been to all of the schools.  Just give me a brief explantation on why you settled on those schools in particular as your finalists.

Sean Duggan:  "Those schools are a great combination of athletics and academics.  You cannot go wrong with a degree from any four of those schools.  For me, it is a lot of gut feeling.  All those places, after I visited, after I left I was kind of like I want to come back and take a closer look at his place and maybe it is the right place for me.  I don't want to cut any of them right now because I want to go down and just kind of figure it out if it is right for me."

Sam Webb:   I know you are concentrating mostly on your own season but have you been paying attention at all to how those schools that are still on your list are doing so far this year?

Sean Duggan:  "Oh yeah."

Sam Webb:   What do you think of the start that Wolverines are off to?

Sean Duggan:  "Very impressed. I watched them play Notre Dame and UCONN and they are fast.  They are an explosive team.  That's the first word that comes to my mind is just explosive.  I think they are going to have a hell of a year.  I don't think they have reached their peak quite yet."

Sam Webb:   When you came up to Ann Arbor previously did they talk to you about how and where they see you fitting into their defense?

Sean Duggan:  "Not exactly.  They said they like me probably at the outside, but my high school runs a 3-3-5, so I understand that defense probably a lot better than most people, because it is kind of a weird defense to play.  I like the defense a lot."

Sam Webb:   Lets talk about what you like about all four schools.  I'm going to say the school and you just tell me what you know and like about that particular program at this point, starting with Boston College?

Sean Duggan:  "I love the coaches.  I know Luke Kuechly and Alex Albright.  They play for them now and they went to St. X, so that's kind of a good connection there.  I love Boston.  I think it is one of the coolest cities in the world.  The academics there are good and good people.  Really nice campus, I like that.  My biggest question with BC would just be that gut feeling, is it the right place for me in the end."

Sam Webb:   Virginia?

Sean Duggan:  "I really love the campus.  It is kind of different from all the other campuses that I've seen.  Michigan is kind of urban.  BC is kind of smaller and by itself a little bit.  Duke college is kind of the same way.  (Virginia) is in a college city, but it is really green and I thought that was really cool and it was in the south, which was kind of different.  I like the coaches a lot too.  I get along with the coaches great."

Sam Webb:   How about Michigan?

Sean Duggan:  "I like the tradition there.  When you watch Michigan, you're watching just a great, great program, just the history there speaks for itself.  I really like the coaches.  I really like Coach Rodriguez and there defensive coaches are really smart.  When I was sitting down with them they were passing out points.  I'm like I've never thought about that before and stuff like that.  Academics there are awesome.  I got a tour of the (academic) building.  It is really, really cool.  They really help out the players academically, which is nice.  The city is really cool too.  It is kind of like downtown city, but kind of small.  I thought it was really cool.  A lot of good places to eat around there.  It is close to my uncle, which is kind cool.  He works for the Lions that's kind of cool to have that connection a little bit to Detroit.  That was kind of fun."

Sam Webb:   Duke?

Sean Duggan:  "First thing that comes to mind with Duke is always great academics.  A Duke degree goes a long way.  Their coaches are awesome.  They are really motivated to get the football team get it up to the standard that Duke set for all the programs.  That is pretty cool to be a part of something new.  The campus is really cool.  Like Virginia, it is a little bit different.  It is kind of old school campus, a lot of stone everywhere.  It was kind of neat.  The only question I have with Duke is it the right place, kind of the same as all four, but I really like Duke's campus too."

Sam Webb:   In the end what do you think it is going to be too separate one school from the rest?

Sean Duggan:  "I think it is just going to depend on my visits.  I'm a big believer in when you go to a place, you know, you know, when you just have that feeling inside.  This is the place that I want to be, no other place compares to it.  I can see myself here.  I think that is mainly going to be it.  All four are great academically, great coaches.  I get along with all the coaches.  All the players I get along with.  So I think it is just mainly a gut feeling."

Sam Webb:   What about distance from home?  None of these schools are in Ohio.  Is distance from home going to play a role at all for you?

Sean Duggan:  "I don't think so.  My parents kind of actually want me to go away for some reason, I don't know why (laughter).  They kind of want me to go away to kind of experience college.  That really is not a factor for me.  I think I could go anywhere.  I think you'll be home sick anywhere from a little bit, but eventually it just becomes your home wherever you go."

Sam Webb:   What about timeline, do you have a timeline for when you would like to have your recruiting process done and over with?

Sean Duggan:  "Not really.  I was talking to one of my friends who plays college football and he said he kind of did it in early January, kind of around that time after taking all of his visits.  He was kind of in the same boat that I was in.  If I had to guess probably some time in January, but I don't know for sure yet."

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