Denard Talks the Big Plays, and His Knee

Denard talks about injuring his knee again, and he runs through the game's big offensive plays.

Question: What happened on the injury? And it seemed like it too a while to get your bearings back there, a few series?

Denard Robinson: "I just bumped my knee a little bit. It was good. I was all right. Just banged it up a little bit."

Question: Did it affect you at all on subsequent series?

Denard Robinson: "Oh no, oh no."

Question: Walk us through on the pass that you hit at the end of the game?

Denard Robinson: "I knew he could go up and get the ball. Like I said, I'm just going to put it up there and he can go get it."

Question: What was it like for him (Junior Hemingway) to finally get that breakout game, to have two huge game changing plays like that?

Denard Robinson: "That's a good deal for him. We've been waiting for him to come around. He was injured for a little bit. He came around today."

Question: For a couple people that you missed on earlier, was there anything that you changed on that last throw?

Denard Robinson: "On those, I just saw them too open and I just panicked. I got too happy."

Question: The play before that, you went out of bounds, you had a little bit of time to play with and it looked like you were looking over to the sidelines before that pass that went to Junior; was there any audible or communication that way?

Denard Robinson: "No it was not an audible. I was looking for a check to see if the coaches were giving me a check."

Question: The way you threw them early in the game, it looked like there was nothing going to stop this offense; what happen when it started to stall out a little bit in the second half?

Denard Robinson: "It was just a misread and we weren't running the offense right. We got to fix some things."

Question: It seemed early you guys could do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

Denard Robinson: "The offensive line was clicking and we were playing pretty good I guess, running the offense."

Question: Can you talk about the Indiana defense.

Denard Robinson: "They a pretty physical team. They a Big Ten team. They know where to find the ball."

Question: Did you guys expect to be in a shootout like this, back and forth?

Denard Robinson: "You expect everything. You got to be ready for everything."

Question: What did you see on the 72 yard run and what goes through your mind when you break open like that?

Denard Robinson: "Oh man. I was thinking not to get caught. I didn't want to get caught, that was a big one then. Once I saw the opening, I was like let's go, see the end zone."

Question: Did you feel any added pressure when you did not really get the running game going other than you?

Denard Robinson: "No I do not feel pressure. What do you mean, Vincent had a good run I think. The offense like played good. We clicked, it was clicking."

Question: Can you take us through that last drive again; what was kind of your mentality and what were you thinking from the beginning?

Denard Robinson: "God was with us and I got to give God the glory. He engineered us to the win."

Question: Having that Notre Dame comeback under your belt, did you feel more comfortable out there having the ball in your hands down the stretch?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah I'm comfortable but God is with me. That's who is helping me right now."

Question: Not having Mike Shaw and a couple of other quarterbacks, was it good Vincent Smith (performed so well)?

Denard Robinson: "Oh yeah, it is always good to see the running backs do good. The offensive line blocked well. The receivers were having fun playing. It's a good deal."

Question: What did they do differently on defense to slow you guys early in the fourth quarter?

Denard Robinson: "They kind of blitzed a lot and they brought different looks at us. That's what they did."

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