Hemingway talks about being back in action

Junior Hemingway talks about his big plays yesterday, and about what it's like to be back on the field.

Question: What did you see on the catch that set up the touchdown?

Junior Hemingway: "The DB came down in man coverage. He was playing a little bit of inside leverage. I just thought in my mind, I'm like, I am going to run right by you. That's exactly what I was thinking in my mind, and we hiked the ball and that's what it was."

Question: Tell us about the beginning of the drive, what was said in the huddle; you guys had done this before against Notre Dame, was it still kind of a tense experience?

Junior Hemingway: "When Indiana scored, we looked at the clock and said minute and 15, and we were like, that is too much time. We said they gave us too much time on the clock. We didn't panic, we kept our poise. We kept our poise and went out there and drove down the field."

Question: Any concerns about getting caught on the touchdown pass?

Junior Hemingway: "Any concerns about getting caught?"

Question: Yeah. You did a little swerve there at the end.

Junior Hemingway: "(Laughs) I just caught it and when I broke the tackle at first I didn't see nobody. I was running and I looked again, I was like, oh, so I just swerved on him at the end and got into the end zone."

Question: Are you amazed at this offense and what it can do?

Junior Hemingway: "No I'm not amazed at all. We put in the work in the summer, we put in the work 24/7, every day. We know that we can come out here and score. We know that we can do the things that we come out and do on the field every Saturday. It doesn't amaze me, no."

Question: Rich said you catch a little grief from teammates looking a little bit big for being a wide receiver; what are you up to now?

Junior Hemingway: "(Laughter) Well, yeah they pick at me all the time about that. They call me a tight end with butterfingers, especially after that last game when I dropped that touchdown. We lift weights real hard. It is kind of hard for me to keep my weight down. Try to eat a little better, try to do the things, but somehow the weight just sticks on me. That's one thing I always said, I got to keep my speed and that's what I've been trying to do."

Question: It's funny that everybody loves Denard (Robinson) nationally, but they will talk about the three best teams in the Big Ten and (not talk about Michigan). Do you think finally they are going to say, uh oh, Michigan is 5-0?

Junior Hemingway: "I don't think so. There is a lot of people out there that are still waiting for us to fall off. Waiting to see when it is going to break down. We don't even pay any attention. We just keep moving on. That's what we do. We don't even think about it. We come out every Saturday and play."

Question: Can you assess the performance of the Indiana defense?

Junior Hemingway: "We were recognizing a lot of stuff, the safeties made plays. They might switch the safety up. One of the safeties might play linebacker to blitz. They were just keying and giving us different keys and stuff. We bypassed that a little bit, we bypassed it and we put points on the board."

Question: You had a big game in the season opener last year and had some injuries after that. (How does it feel to be contributing again)?

Junior Hemingway: "It feels real good to be back healthy again, to be able to help the team out. When you're hurt and you're just watching from the sideline … because I've done a lot of that. Since I've been here I've been on the sideline and watched, I've missed more than eight games. It hurts to not be able to go out there and help your team. Now that I'm back healthy, it was a lot of fun."

Question: What was your injury?

Junior Hemingway: "Last year, my ankle."

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